Top 5 reasons to consider yoga teacher training in India
Top 5 reasons to consider yoga teacher training in India
Which could be a better place than top yoga institutes in goa that has potentially everything to offer with gurus offering yogic practice in modern-day techniques.

Yoga is the wisdom that runs in the bloodline of India. People for many centuries have developed different asanas to project a perspective for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Being the birthplace for Yoga, India explores the yogic culture with practices that are so core to its origin nature till today.


According to statistics, greater than 10000 people (I would say enthusiasts) from around the world travels to Goa in search of spirituality. Mental health and spiritual health are always on the same line to learn and shine. Which could be a better place than top yoga institutes in goa that has potentially everything to offer with gurus offering yogic practice in modern-day techniques.


Yoga institutes in India with top 5 reasons to consider.


It’s a privilege for anyone to learn the fundamentally precise yogic practices in India. The yoga teachers who have been through this everlasting journey are authorized to teach and flex your thoughts and body. The disciples who are ready to embark must be truly devoted to Yoga if they want to become a teacher immediately continuing their voyage.


Here are the top 5 reasons to consider yoga teacher training in India.


1. Culture


Every beginning is born from a culture. A culture which nurtures you with a distinctive style to learn and absorb, a culture that helps to grow all together, a culture that develops and transforms with you throughout your experience. India is a culture that offers you the required transformation that you seek. An experience with rituals that are passed by generations of spiritual yogis. A true blessing for your beginnings.


2. The connections 


Not only just training under amazing teachers but there’s also a celebration in connecting with the ideal people who are also into it. India is the only place where humans from different religions and perspectives align with one yogic ideology. It’s more than a mere landscape who would fall for the fascinating learnings.


3. The ashram and the Environment


For your stay in India for yoga teacher training, ashrams are your home for living and learning. Staying in ashrams is quite a unique experience. It is where the teachings unfold with basic fundamentals. Many schools which are dedicated to teaching yoga are often ashrams. Yoga institutes in goa deliver the best environment to ease the transformation. From beaches to beautiful lawns, goa is indeed a place synonym for yoga.


4. Discipline


The 200 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training can be summed up to an absolute zero if there’s an absence of discipline. Yoga is not structured but not regulated, it is a free flow of learning something with dedication and discipline. The Indian yog is (gurus) are known far better than anyone for teaching discipline before anything to their disciples. 


5. Philosophy



Philosophies are great to hear, ever came across hearing something on yoga and its asanas? Books and Vedas can only be a part of acknowledging something so deep in nature, it only gets better upon experiencing. Yoga institutes in India, especially in goa are souls that speak with you.