Pre-Wedding Low-Calorie Diet
Pre-Wedding Low-Calorie Diet
Who does not want to look good at their wedding? This article is all you need for low-calorie dishes for your pre-wedding weight loss journey.

Pre-Wedding Low-Calorie Diet

You should keep track of your calorie intake before the wedding, but on the big day, you should ignore the rules.


Nobody wants to look bad at their wedding. However, people who wish to lose weight may not do it right.


Weight loss can be complex without instruction. People will frequently go to any extent to lose weight, but they are commonly left feeling disappointed since, the majority of the time, the goal is still to lose weight, and remaining healthy is not even considered.


A wedding is synonymous with consuming many calories since guests are expected to trade treats and recommendations for local restaurants. However, a small lifestyle modification will make you look good in your wedding dress if you want to reduce weight.


Diet and caloric consumption are key to weight loss. However, it also depends on your desire to stay healthy.


With the appropriate mindset and low-carb diet, you can attain your goal and look your best during your wedding.


We have a number of mouthwatering recipes that you may use to substitute for meals in order to improve your ability to adhere to diets that promote weight loss.


Let us start with low-calorie foods

Before making dishes, you must know what items are low in calories.


Broccoli, spinach, pumpkin, cabbage, gourd vegetables, cauliflower, red and green peppers, etc., are low-calorie green veggies.


Chicken, tofu, beans, paneer, and eggs should fill a quarter of your plate because they are high in protein and help with muscle building and weight loss.


Carbohydrates that are good for you, like those found in sweet potatoes, wheat, brown rice, jowar, bajra, ragi, oats, and quinoa, among other grains, should make up one-quarter of the food on your plate.


Next, healthy and nutritious meals can help you reduce weight.

Pre-Wedding Low-Calorie Dishes

Indian food provides many low-calorie meals that are tasty and nourishing. These hand-picked dishes will keep you full and not add weight.

1. Oats Idli

Idli is our favourite south Indian dish. It is the most popular meal in South India and one of the healthiest.


To make it even fewer in calories, we can use oats and semolina batter instead of rice batter. Rich in fibre, steamed without oil. Coconut chutney or other low-calorie sides can provide flavour.


Oats Idli is the perfect breakfast to keep you full for hours.

2. Dosa

Again, dosa is a South Indian star and the best dish ever.


Ragi dosa is a healthier alternative to traditional dosa that packs a flavorful punch into a low-calorie package. Dosa is popular breakfast food in India.


This delicacy needs a small change for low-calorie eating. An amino acid in ragi called tryptophan reduces appetite and fills the stomach. This food is very nutritious.

3. Vegan Mushroom Masala

Vegan mushroom masala is comforting yet healthful. Vegan mushroom masala is a tasty and low-calorie dinner.


Ingredients like soft mushroom chunks, onions, tomatoes, aromatic spices and herbs give the meal a tangy curry flavour and make it a simple yet flavour-packed vegan dish.


This will gratify your tastebuds and fill your tummy.

4. Coconut Shrimp Curry

This creamy, light coconut curry meal is drool-worthy and low-calorie.


Coconut lends a rich nutty flavour to the curry. Shrimp adds a delicate flavour and boosts the curry taste. With 200 calories per serving, this is a nutritious, flavourful supper.


5. Tandoori Cauliflower

As wonderful as tandoor-grilled foods sound, they are unbeatable.


With no bad saturated fats, tandoori cauliflower is a terrific dish.


The crunchy cauliflower slices roasted in spices with other veggies make this dish stand out.This fibre-rich, low-fat dish promotes weight loss and satiety.

6. Soya Masala Wrap

A gluten-free and nutrient-rich wrap made with ragi flatbread, mint, and yoghurt is served with cilantro chutney or salsa.


Soya masala wrap is a protein-rich dish. A few drops of oil, sautéed onions, tomatoes, curry leaves, green chillies, ginger, garlic, and boiling soya granules are needed.


Healthy wraps without sacrificing taste are the greatest option in the struggle to lose weight.

7. Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is a popular snack.High protein and low calories make it good for weight loss.This recipe is delicious and healthy.


Before grilling, chicken chunks are marinated in fat-free curd, aromatic spices, and ginger garlic paste.With this delicacy, you would not have to resist a tasty supper.


8. Apple Blend

Thick, sugary smoothies can cause weight gain. Therefore, we provide an apple smoothie as an alternative to harmful drinks.


This tasty drink is high in fibre, nutrients, and minerals, which helps you lose weight.

Apples, chia, flax seeds, cinnamon, and turmeric produce a thick purée. To add flavour, add lime juice and pomegranate kernels. Add oats as needed.

9. Nutella

This vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free cuisine is a time saver. Two spoons of chia seeds are soaked overnight in almond, cashew, oat or soy milk.


Nuts, berries, and fruits go well with chia seeds' jelly-like texture. To boost the flavour, you can add coffee, cocoa powder, or honey to the milk-chia seed mixture.

Pre-wedding weight loss might affect your mind and body because you have less time to decide. Choose a wedding makeover plan. ToneOp offers brides, grooms, family, and friends a wedding makeover.


Maintaining your health throughout the process should be more essential than just losing weight, as this will allow you to enjoy your weight-loss journey to the fullest and ensure you have plenty of energy on your wedding day.


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