Post-Diwali: Diet Plan To Shed Extra Weight
Post-Diwali: Diet Plan To Shed Extra Weight
Some extra kilos look great when lost! It is post-Diwali weight loss time, and we are ready. Read on for amazing tips and a post-Diwali diet plan.

Post-Diwali: Diet Plan To Shed Extra Weight



Lost weight looks better than gained.


Exercise time has come after Diwali. Procrastination and post-festival fatigue can override your drive to stay fit and healthy. Binging sweets and fries during the Diwali celebration is OK. But continuous overeating of sugar and fatty food leads to weight gain. This adds hard-to-lose weight.


When you are still in the holiday spirit, making small efforts toward a healthy lifestyle will get you back on track. Here is a diet plan to help you lose weight quickly while letting you enjoy sweets and rejoice. 

Guidelines For Losing Extra Weight

You do not have to go out and waste hours to find the things that will help you to lose weight. You just have to look in your kitchen properly. Also, be committed to choosing healthy eatables instead of unhealthy ones. 


To make it easier for you, we have bought a list of things to help you shed extra weight.  

1. Common Herbs

Cinnamon, cumin, ajwain, and other spices speed up your metabolism. With no unfavourable side effects, they encourage weight loss.

2. Include Probiotics

Probiotics like curds and yoghurt promote intestinal health, reduce bloating, boost immunity, and avoid weight fluctuations.

Slowing metabolism and gut imbalance cause weight gain. Probiotics increase metabolism and aid weight loss.

3. Dietary Fibre

Spinach, kale, and collard greens are rich in magnesium and iron, which alleviate stress. They aid weight loss and distribute oxygen. High in fibre, they inhibit stomach emptying and are easy to eat.


4. Protein-Rich Food

Beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils are legumes that take longer to digest. Muscle growth is aided by bean protein. Even at rest, more muscle burns more calories.

Yoghurt, granola, chia pudding, egg-white bites, etc., can save you time and fill you up.

5. A Three-Hour Gap

Since eating gives energy, leave 3 hours between dinner and bedtime. Everyone can use three hours of a safe gap.

6. Avoid The Whites 

Reduce white sugar, grains, and salt; it takes a few days, but the body adjusts. Choose natural sugars like fruits and vegetables for postpartum weight loss.

7. Manage Your Portion Size

After a festival, detoxifying might be hard; binge eating can be a problem. As a result, you might eat more calories and carbs.


Moderate intake of rich foods. Your weight gain from the event will be reduced thanks to this.

8. Superfoods

Pumpkin seeds, millets like buckwheat and amaranth, chia seeds, and other energy-dense meals increase mood and energy levels throughout the day.

9. Detox Tea

Our body detoxifies via the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, lungs, and lymph glands to remove chemicals, waste, toxins, and hazardous compounds.


When our systems are overloaded by pollution, fast food, alcohol, medicines, disease, and stress, they need help to recharge. Cinnamon, lemon, wheat grass, green tea, hibiscus tea, Jasmine tea, tulsi tea, detox water, etc.

10. Low-Calorie Breakfast Choices

A protein-rich breakfast may decrease your appetite for three hours, allowing you time to stave off Diwali cravings. Switching from a carb-heavy to a fibre- and protein-rich breakfast makes you feel fuller and more energised. Add some low-calorie fruits to complete a satisfying breakfast.


11. Consistently Eat Homemade Food

You only ate fatty, outside meals while doing this. It is time to get back to eating well. To lose weight, cook at home instead of eating out. After Diwali, you will be broke; this will help you save.


Diet Plan For Shedding Extra Weight


Early morning- Detox water/ Water/lemon tea + nuts( soaked almond, chia seed, pumpkin seeds, flax seed)


Breakfast- Oats Daliya + curd/ Whole moong dal cheela + chutney


Mid-Morning- Nuts+fruits/ Soup/ Greek yoghurt


Lunch- Psyllium husk with a glass of water + Chapattis (made with bran atta)/Idlis + sambar + mint chutney/ Veg Poha 


Evening- Green tea/ Makhana/ chicken soup/mushroom soup/ grilled mushroom


Dinner- Oats cheela with mint chutney/ Bowl sprout daliya+curd/ Grilled chicken salad+bowl quinoa rice


Bedtime- Green tea

Possible Lessons Learned From This Article


1. To lose weight effectively and quickly after Diwali, contact a dietitian on how to adjust your unhealthy practice or search for weight-loss diet plans.


2. Eat a protein-rich breakfast, 6 to 8 small meals a day, and exercise. Consider your routine while setting priorities and balancing your nutrition and exercise.


3. Post-Diwali, eat low-calorie fruits and sweets. Focus on healthy eating, not just filling your appetite.


4. Begin a cleanse after Diwali! We plan to avoid calorie-dense food and busy schedules. Following a balanced diet plan will help you detox after Diwali.


5. Unwind for a minute, and get ready for work.


6. Recall the value of a balanced diet and regular exercise.


7. Keep track of your calorie and water intake. 

It is time to get going!

The post-Diwali weight loss regimen must be started quickly, as getting into a habit may take time. With a rigorous approach, you can lose weight and regain your appeal.


To start the new year healthy and fit, lose weight healthily. Be physically active during the day.  Get up, move around, take a 30-minute walk, and do fun housework.


After Diwali, exercise and a healthy diet are crucial to shedding weight.


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