Jeeragam (Jeera): Health Benefits And Nutritional Value
Jeeragam (Jeera): Health Benefits And Nutritional Value
Jeeragam has some fitness advantages and is considered appropriate for your fitness. First, let us talk about the nutritional value and health benefits of jeera

Jeeragam (Jeera): Health Benefits And Nutritional Value


India is frequently called spice heaven. It includes many spices, many of which are frequently used in cooking. In addition to its culinary uses, jeera has many medicinal properties. They aid in weight loss and help the body cleanse. Jeera is a popular spice because of the flavour and fragrance it imparts to food.

Jeeragam is an ingredient that benefits your fitness and is recommended for maintaining your level of physical health. So let us first talk about the nutritional worth and health advantages of jeera.


Jeeragam (Jeera): Origin And Utility

Many of us have jeera in our homes; it is an essential staple spice in any Indian household. As opposed to this, Asia was the original home of cumin seeds. The fruit of the herb cumin is called cumin seed.


Along with Mexican and Spanish cuisine, cumin seeds are commonly used in culinary creations. However, the plant that provides us with these seeds is unmistakably local to the area between the Mediterranean and India.


Other names include Apiumcarvi, Haravi, Semences De Carvi, Caraway, Jeera, Shahi Jeera, Kala Jeera, Caraway, and Krishnajraka. Even though it starts as a fruit, the seed within becomes much more prominent once it dries out. Cumin seeds have long been used in cooking by Indians.


Few people in India dislike their food's warm, earthy flavour of cumin seeds. On the contrary, the cumin seed is praised in every meal for its scent and flavour. It is a special spice in India for its flavour and clinical benefits, including flatulence, dyspepsia, and digestive condition. 


Cumin prevents infections and chronic diseases. Cumin seeds contain calcium, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. Cumin seeds play a significant role in foods from the Middle East, India, and the Mediterranean.


The Composition Of Jeera In Terms Of Nutrition

Jeeragam enhances the flavour and scent of your cooking and delivers several health benefits. On average, 100g serving of jeera includes;

  • Calories- 375 kcal

  • Zinc- 4.8 mg

  • Magnesium- 366 mg

  • Protein -17081 g

  • Manganese -33 mg

  • Fat- 22.27 g

  • Phosphorus- 499 mg

  • Carbohydrates- 44.24 g

  • Dietary fibre- 10.5  g

  • Sodium- 178 mg

  • Calcium- 931 mg

  • Potassium- 68 mg

  • Iron- 66.3  mg

The Health Benefits Of Jeeragam (Jeera) 

1. Reducing Inflammation

It contains thymoquinone, which protects the liver and supports overall health. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Jeera water also relieve stomach and abdominal pain. Its antispasmodic effects also make it helpful in reducing the pain of menstruation cramps.

2. Metabolism

Jeera water improves the stomach and digestion. Moreover, carbohydrates, glucose, and fat-burning enzymes are all secreted with assistance, helping the body speed up its metabolic rate. 


Because of this, the liver's bile acid production is increased, which aids in fat digestion. In addition, it promotes bowel movements and helps alleviate problems like indigestion, bloating, and heartburn because it contains powerful anti-gas ingredients.


3.Beneficial For Both Menstrual Cramps And Breastfeeding

Regular menstruation cycles are complex for many women. Jeera water can help regulate cycles by encouraging the uterus to contract, releasing retained blood. Jeera water is a good drink for pregnant and lactating mothers because it is rich in iron. It boosts milk production and helps provide nutrients to the infant.


4.Preserves Natural Skin Health

Minerals, including calcium, potassium, manganese, and selenium, are plentiful in jeera water and help revitalise the skin. All these nutrients help the skin glow with health. So it is rich in vitamin E, which prevents premature ageing. Thus, consuming Jeera water can delay wrinkles.

5. Healthy For Hair

Jeera water's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics boost scalp health. Proteins and carbs support hair development and replenish it from the root. This also limits hair loss. Putting it on the hair also reduces frizz, which is often caused by moisture, making the hair smoother and silkier.

6. Healthy Hearts jeeragam Has A Positive Effect On The Heart

Natural antioxidant that protects and cures the heart. Jeera water helps strengthen heart muscles, decrease cholesterol, and prevent lipid buildup. This dramatically reduces the risk of cardiac blockages, heart attacks, and blood clots.

7. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking jeera water boosts insulin synthesis, which helps people with diabetes control blood sugar. However, it reduces glycated haemoglobin. By drinking jeera water 30 minutes after every meal, blood sugar levels can be kept under control.

8. The Risk Of Anaemia Is Diminished

Jeeragam is rich in iron, which is needed to make haemoglobin and transport oxygen. Low haemoglobin causes fatigue, weakness, dizziness, etc. Jeera water, after each meal, lowers blood sugar.

9. Cancer Risk Lowered

Jeera water has anti-cancer qualities, lowering the risk of several malignancies. It also prevents metastasis or the spread of cancer.


10. Reduce Drug Dependency

Ayurvedic jeeragam benefits include protection against addiction to various substances. Cumin has also been demonstrated to reduce withdrawal symptoms. 


This technique is also advantageous since jeera boosts immunity and metabolism. This method will also help you manage your appetite and lessen withdrawal cravings.

The Bottom Line

Jeeragam is a healthful and all-natural addition to any cuisine. Ayurveda has been a treatment for several medical conditions since dawn. Most individuals can easily access it, and nearly no one ever reports any adverse side effects. 


Moderate consumption consistently yields reliable, all-around health-improving outcomes. First, include it in a balanced diet and lifestyle. Then, for reliable, secure health advantages, drink it daily.


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