Before knowing how plastic surgery on the nose is performed, it is important to know what this procedure is.

Before knowing how plastic surgery on the nose is performed, it is important to know what this procedure is. In fact, knowing the type of surgery you want to do is essential before making a decision, regardless of the part of the body you want to perform the plastic surgery on. 

In this content we will explain how plastic nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty in East Delhi, is performed and details about the types of this procedure.

What is Rhinoplasty or Plastic Nose Surgery?

This type of procedure is indicated in cases of aesthetic correction of the nose and there are several possibilities, such as increasing or decreasing the size, giving projection to the tip, tuning the nasal wings and it is also possible to reduce the bone hump.

Of course, before making any decision, there is a need for a conversation with your trusted plastic surgeon in East Delhi and after the necessary evaluations, the professional will tell you which procedure is ideal for your case.

After all, how is nose plastic surgery or rhinoplasty performed?

Now that you understand what this procedure is, let's explain how it is performed. There are two techniques used to perform plastic surgery on the nose, open and closed. 

The open one is also called exorhinoplasty and works like a small incision at the base of the nose, between the nostrils and on the inside of each one of them. 

In the closed technique, known as endonasal, incisions are made only inside the nostrils. 

There is, in most requests and cases, the desire to reduce the nose, but when the surgery is done to increase, there is then the graft performed through cartilage, implantation of prostheses or filling in place. In cases of decrease, parts of the cartilage are removed or the bone is scraped and sanded.

It is always important to remember that each case is a case and that you will be sure about the performance of your procedure only during the consultation and evaluation of the plastic surgeon in Noida in nose plastic surgery. Therefore, consultation with the best plastic surgeon in Noida is of great importance. 

What are the types of plastic nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty can be divided into five modalities, and the most common are:

  • Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

In this case, esthetics is used to change the appearance of the nose, in case the patient has any dissatisfaction with that part of the body, and then reductions and increases can be made, and they can also increase and decrease the nasal dorsum and can still be performed, surgery to improve the columella, the cleft that divides the nostrils.

  • Functional Rhinoplasty

In this type of rhinoplasty in Delhi, the responsibility is to change functions in the nasal structure, such as when the procedure is related to septum deviation surgery or correction of turbinate hypertrophy.

  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty

This type of procedure is performed on patients who are dissatisfied with ethnic traits present in the shape of the nose. For example, it can be when the nasal wings are open or large or when the projection of the tip of the nose is dropped.

  • Secondary Rhinoplasty

Also called correction or revision surgery, this type refers to patients who have already undergone one or more rhinoplasty but are not yet in the desired result.

  • post-traumatic rhinoplasty

This type of surgery refers to the procedure performed on patients who have suffered some type of facial trauma that impacted the shape and functionality of the nose, thus causing deformities or impaired breathing.

Talk to a nose plastic surgery specialist

If you still have doubts about how nose plastic surgery is performed and the types of this surgery, look for a plastic surgeon in Vaishali, schedule your appointment, understand the procedure completely and look the way you want.