History Of Cannabis Legalization In Canada | Royal Leaf
History Of Cannabis Legalization In Canada | Royal Leaf
The history of cannabis legalization in Canada is fraught with ups and downs. It's a story about making it legal, imposing a ban, making it legal again, and all the probable complications that come with it.

Was Cannabis Legal Before?

The history of cannabis legalization in Canada is fraught with ups and downs. It's a story about making it legal, imposing a ban, making it legal again, and all the probable complications that come with it. This conflict of decisions may raise several questions in the minds of cannabis users, such as when was the first-time cannabis was consumed? Why was it prohibited? And why has the prohibition been lifted now?

Therefore, we're here today to go over the history of cannabis in-depth, as well as the circumstances that prompted the Canadian government to make these decisions. Let's not waste any time and get started!


The origins of Cannabis can be traced back to as early as the 17th century when people grew hemp plants as regular crops. Hemp contained minimal levels of THC–the psychoactive compound that marijuana is now well-known for. 

People used Cannabis not only for Ethno-medicinal purposes but for making all sorts of ropes, clothe, and sails at that time. Even though it is still controversial that the people at that time were aware of the psychoactive and recreational properties of Cannabis, no proper documented research is available to back up those claims. If one were to look for "marijuana store near me" in the 1600s, it wouldn't be a problem because it was grown and available everywhere.


During the 1800s, marijuana passed through multiple stages of popularity. In the 1830s, an Irish doctor discovered that Cannabis could be used to fight down pains and control vomiting in cholera patients. After discovering the medicinal powers of cannabis, people started to value it even more. Soon, it became a significant ingredient in medicines for opioid withdrawal, pain relief, appetite stimulation, relief from nausea, etc.


In 1908, The Opium Act was passed. It was the first anti-drug law in Canada that prohibited the import, manufacturing, selling, and usage of Opium for non-medical reasons. The penalty was set to three years of imprisonment and a $1,000 fine for those who didn't obey the law.


The Canadian government added Cannabis and its by-products to the category of Opium as well and prohibited all consumption of it. Everyone was and is still curious about the reason for doing so. But it's a mystery we'll look into some other day!

For a long time, Cannabis possession, sale, purchase, import, and any dealing of cannabis were considered a crime. This caused the whole cannabis industry to crash.


In the late 1960s, Cannabis possession offences and usage started to have lighter sentences. The Federal Government monitored this matter closely and initiated a Royal Commission to determine the uses and effects of Cannabis. Later, the commission made some valuable findings and recommended the Canadian government remove the ban and decriminalize the possession of these substances.

However, the government overlooked the recommendation for years. Between all these political conflicts, the residents of Canada showed interest and support for the legalization of Cannabis. More than 60 percent supported the movement for recreational usage, and the rest for medicinal reasons.


The Canadian government legalized the medicinal usage of Cannabis in 2001. Canada started a medical marijuana health program named 'Health Canada.' If people needed medicinal Cannabis, Health Canada offered them complete and legal access to homegrown Cannabis.


On October 17, 2018, the government legalized Cannabis all over Canada for recreational usage. Since then, the cannabis business has been thriving more than ever. There are lots of Cannabis stores available in the whole country, and marijuana consumers can access them whenever and wherever they want! However, the legal age of the consumer must be 19+ in all circumstances.


The legalization of Cannabis throughout history has been a bumpy ride for Canadian people. However, the love and enthusiasm for cannabis remained unchanged. If you are looking for quality cannabis grown and consumed in the early 1600s, you can still find it even in 2022. Just head down to your nearest Waterdown dispensary.

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