EHR And EMR Integration for Your Healthcare Organization
EHR And EMR Integration for Your Healthcare Organization
The healthcare industry has witnessed a tremendous digital transformation to innovate care delivery & eliminating paper-based clinical practices. To adapt to the technological changes and reform payment & care delivery, EHR & EMR are the most indicative & critical solutions.

In an enterprise healthcare system with more than one organisation, an electronic health record or EHR, corresponds to what its name implies: information about specific patients or individuals throughout their medical care journey. 


A single organization uses an EMR to hold patient-related data (health, demographics, Medicare policy, payment, etc.), which is simultaneously entered and retrieved by clinical technicians. In fact, this information—digital reproductions of the clinic's paper charts and records—cannot be shared among other practices outside the organization. 


Solutions for electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) have been shown to cut costs, increase patient satisfaction, and improve the quality of treatment. Major healthcare organizations can reduce expenses by integrating an EHR system. The savings are even higher when using highly automated EMR systems.