Diet Plan For Post-Covid Recovery In India
Diet Plan For Post-Covid Recovery In India
Covid has affected everyone’s mental and physical health. Read on for a post-covid nutritional diet plan and kadha recipes for covid patients.

Diet Plan For Post-Covid Recovery In India

Covid has negatively affected the mental and physical well-being of everyone. Therefore, it was difficult to discover the appropriate medical and dietary treatment for this virus. Although some physicians and dietitians have begun working on the proper treatment for the covid and post covid, particular care is still required.


Today, we can treat covid with both medication and nutrition, owing to individuals who explored post-covid treatments and contributed to the end of this pandemic.


Let's explore the post covid diet plan in India and other aspects of the post covid recovery in India.


Dietary Guidelines For Covid Patients in India

Before treating the covid patients' symptoms, we must enhance their immune systems. Here is an example post covid diet plan that provides most of the nutrients necessary for post-covid healing in patients.


The Breakfast- Upma 1 dish accompanied by 1 glass of warm turmeric milk and 2 methi thepla with yoghurt and lehsun chutney


Mid-meal snacks- 1 bowl of pomegranate and 1 pear


Lunch- Two ragi flatbreads with a variety of lentils/1 dish of French bean sabzi with 1 serving of cucumber, and tomato salad


Afternoon- 1 large cup of ginger and tulsi kadha or 1 large cup of clove and tulsi kadha.


Evening snacks- 1 portion of roasted chana and one large bowl of tomato and spinach soup


Dinner- 1 portion of chicken curry with 1 portion of bajra roti and 1 portion of rajma salad / 1 portion of veggie oats with 1 portion of boiled masala moth beans

Foods For  Covid Patients

1. Potatoes

Potatoes, rich in starch and potassium, which prevent dehydration, help maintain the body's fluid balance. Covid-19 is a respiratory condition; dehydration can thicken respiratory secretions and make it difficult to clean the lungs.

To increase starch intake, prepare potato sabzi or stuffed paratha with potato. In addition to potatoes, you can have sweet potatoes and yams.

2. Soups

Fluid consumption hydrates the body, and adding tomato, spinach, kidney beans, oats, and quinoa to the soup improves its nutritional value.

In addition, warm soup increases mucus production and expedites the virus's exit from the body.

3. Coconut Water 

Coconut water provides numerous health benefits and nutritional values. First, it aids in maintaining the body's electrolyte equilibrium. Consequently, consuming fresh coconut water helps to increase immunity since it is high in sodium, potassium, and calcium, which are needed for the body to overcome weakness post-convalescence.

4. Whole Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which enhance the immune system. Moreover, fruits and vegetables include anti-inflammatory characteristics, which minimise inflammation in the body by accelerating recuperation after covid. For improved health, oranges, grapes, kiwis, pineapple, watermelon, and cucumber should be consumed.

5. Whole Grains, Popcorn, And Oatmeal

Whole grains, popcorn, and oats include anti-inflammatory qualities that offer numerous benefits to covid sufferers and reduce inflammation.


Popcorn, roasted oat flakes, popped whole grains, and chivda is available on the market.


Homemade Kadha For Patients With Covid

ToneOp offers immune-boosting beverages that reduce the symptoms of covid, protect the body, and give an abundance of antioxidants.


1. Immunity Boosting Kadha


Ginger- 1 inch

Black pepper- 4 to 5 no.

Badi elaichi- 1 pod

Clove- 2 no.

Jaggery or honey- ⅕ tsp

Cinnamon stick- 1 small

Tulsi- 7 to 8 leaves

Fresh turmeric/turmeric powder- 1 tsp

Black raisins- 7 to 8 no.


Preparation Method

1. Crush ginger and fresh turmeric into a coarse paste.

2. Pour water into a large dish, boil, then add turmeric and ginger.

3. After 2 to 3 minutes, add the other spices and allow the water to boil until it has reduced by half.

4. Lastly, add jaggery or honey, strain, and drink warm.


2. Tulsi, Giloy And Pepper Kadha

Tulsi, giloy, and black pepper are beneficial and effective for boosting the immune system. In contrast to tulsi, which is rich in vitamin C and zinc, adding giloy to your diet will boost your immunity. Similarly, the health benefits of black pepper have been apparent for several years. This combination of substances can perform miracles for your health.



Dry ginger powder- ½ tsp 

Giloy powder- 1 tsp

Tulsi- 7 to 8 leaves

Black pepper powder- ⅓ tsp

Cinnamon- 1 small stick


Method of Preparation 

1. Bring a half cup of water to a boil in a bowl.

2 . Add dried ginger powder, cinnamon, and tulsi, then continue cooking for 4-5 minutes over medium heat.

3. Add giloy powder and cinnamon stick to the boiling water and let it decrease by half. 

4. Lastly, add the black pepper powder and simmer for two minutes; set aside ten to fifteen minutes, strain, and serve warm.


The Final Say

A diet plan that aids in covid recovery is highly advantageous because it contains a combination of immune-boosting foods and other nutrients that speed up the body's recovery. In addition, integrating certain foods and kadha into the diet provides additional benefits for covid sufferers.


Hydration is the most crucial factor in preventing urinary tract infections. Add enough doses of multivitamins, minerals, and trace elements:


Vitamin C - 1-2g/day

Vitamin D – 10-1000mcg/day

Vitamin A – required dietary intake

Vitamin E – 134-800mg/day

Zinc – 30-220mg

Vitamin C – 200mg- 2gm


The micronutrients mentioned above boost your body's T-cells and B-cells (antibodies) and aid in COVID recovery.


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