Did you know this about fat grafting?
Did you know this about fat grafting?
Body shaping with fat transplantation can be a very good method for you who have unwanted fat on parts of the body, and at the same time a desire for a moderate enlargement of other parts of the body, such as the breast or buttocks.

Body shaping with fat transplantation can be a very good method for you who have unwanted fat on parts of the body, and at the same time a desire for a moderate enlargement of other parts of the body, such as the breast or buttocks. A skilled plastic surgeon in East Delhi can perform gentle liposuction where you want reduced volume. By treating the fat carefully, the fat cells can be moved to another part of the body.

Who is suitable for breast augmentation with own fat?

– If you have a desire for larger breasts, and at the same time have unwanted fat on some parts of your body, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation in Delhi with your own fat. The method is most suitable for those who want a moderate enlargement of the breasts.

– After a fat transplant, you can expect 150-200 ml of fat to survive per breast. However, the procedure can be repeated after 6-12 months if you still have excess fat and want further enlargement with your own tissue.

– Breast augmentation with your own fat is suitable for those who want slightly fuller breasts, but perhaps do not want silicone implants. One of the advantages of this method is that you do not need to replace anything or undergo surgery again after a given time. You will also not risk having problems with the capsule that can be caused by using silicone, and the breasts will feel completely natural and soft.

– You should not plan to lose weight if you want breast augmentation with your own fat. If you lose weight after a fat transplant, the moved fat tissue will also be reduced. During the first six months, the transplanted fat cells are somewhat hypersensitive, and may be the first to disappear with active dieting.

– An experienced plastic surgeon in Noida can advise you on whether fat transplantation is right for you.

How will the breast feel and look after breast augmentation with own fat?

The first time after the treatment, the breast will feel firmer and fuller, but after a little time it will naturally become soft. You will not feel any difference between a normal breast and a breast that has been enlarged with your own fat. Fat-grafted tissue will behave just like real tissue, since it IS real tissue.


When is silicone a better option for breast augmentation?

– For slim people who do not have excess fat, I would not recommend breast augmentation with their own fat. That is because the fat we will use in the breasts must first be taken from another place on the body. If you liposuction areas where you don’t really have excess fat, the risk of unevenness in the skin increases. Then breast augmentation with silicone is a better option. – For those who want a significant enlargement of the breasts, silicone is also preferable, says Dr Sahil Singla, best plastic surgeon in Noida.

How much of the fat that is moved will survive after a fat graft?

– Usually between 50-75% of the moved fat tissue survives in its new location. This is living tissue, and it is therefore difficult to say exactly how much fat will survive in each individual case. Skin in older people has poorer circulation than young skin, and therefore poorer survival of the fat can be expected with increasing age. Smokers have poorer blood circulation in the tissues, and then the fat cells survive to a small extent. You must be a non-smoker to have fat grafting, both several months before and at least six months after the operation.

– After the fat grafting, you must wear compression garments for about four weeks, but you can be in normal activity already after two weeks. The fat tissue that survives is integrated as completely real, separate tissue and will behave accordingly. The method leaves very small scars in the skin, and the period after the procedure is usually not painful.

Can own fat be used for cosmetic procedures other than breast?

– Fat can in principle be moved to wherever you want. For example, fat is good for correcting scars. The most common area of ​​use, however, is for the enlargement of breasts or the seat, i.e. butt. It is this technique that is referred to as the “Brazilian butt lift”, which is not a surgical lift, but an increase in volume in desired locations.

– With all fat transplantation, it is important that the plastic surgeon in Vaishali has a gentle technique, and moves moderate amounts of fat. It is a good method if you want to get rid of excess fat and at the same time want an enlargement of another part of the body. The result will look and feel completely real, and you will only have used your own tissue.