Dental Handpiece Systems Used in Dentistry
Dental Handpiece Systems Used in Dentistry
To have a good dental practice it is important to have the proper equipment. Among them, dental handpiece equipment is an important one that is used in dentistry.

To have a good dental practice it is important to have the proper equipment. Among them, dental handpiece equipment is an important one that is used in dentistry. This equipment helps in having an efficient practice and makes sure that the entire experience is smooth. They also help the patients have a comfortable treatment.

Airotor Handpiece

airotor handpiece works on a mechanism where it automatically prevents oral fluids from entering into the handpiece head. It also refrains contaminants from entering, and consequently, it extends the life of the bearings.


With shaft bearings that are integrated, the dental procedures happen smoothly with consistent cutting. Airotor handpiece is used for smooth, quiet and long dental procedures ensuring consistent cutting. This equipment also has a dualair-jet and produces high power. It does so by propelling the turbine blades which gives it more rotating momentum.

Airotor handpiece also has Quattro water spray which helps it to effectively cool the field of operation. This rod provides light exactly where needed in the oral cavity, with cellular glass optics. It also has a quiet operation and longer life because of its ceramic bearings. It has micro-precision engineering which results in high performance and long term reliability. Airotor handpiece has a dynamic integrated mini power generator. This provides a long-life LED which is similar to daylight after being connected to non-optic air tubing which is standard. Airotor handpiece is durable and stable and provides a long-term function. With cellular glass optics, clean head system, ceramic bearings, accessory bur set, stainless steel body, ISB Turbine, and interchangeable cartridge, this equipment is easy and efficient to use. It provides large visibility and smooth practice.

Despite repeated autoclaving up to 135°C, Airotor handpiece provides great durability and long-lasting high performance. Also, disinfecting Airotor handpiece is recommended for more effective infection control.

Micromotor Handpiece

Micromotor handpiece has several features which help it deliver good performance and increase its durability. It is ideal for both lab drill and procedure drill. This equipment has a high torque with maximum speed of 35,000 RPM. Micromotor handpiece has a free turning nose swivel and provides stainless steel construction. It has a quiet operation and has spring-loaded blades which help in starting-up smoothly.


Micromotor handpiece is fit for use across various operations of dentistry. To avoid heating, these are comprised of two numbers of bearings. This equipment consists of a single water spray which provides efficient cooling of the bur as well as the tooth surface. This equipment has a variety of features. They have clean head system and a great design which is smooth to use. The Micromotor handpiece can be sterilized in an autoclave at 135 degrees C. The maximum speed it provides is 400000 RPM at 2.3 bars or 33 P.S.I. With fewer aerosols, anon-retraction valve in the motor, high torque, less noise and more durability, this equipment is imperative for dentistry.

Micromotor handpiece has a reduced weight and size and improves the balance of instrument and motor. It decreases fatigue during the procedures which are prolonged. And even though its size is small, it is extremely powerful and provides a wide range of speeds, with steeples and smooth control. It has unparalleled cutting and a great grip. The Micromotor handpiece is cost-effective, durable and quiet. It is an ergonomic and balanced device that has easy accessibility features and a great grip.

Therefore, dental handpiece systems used in dentistry are an imperative part of the practice. They help the dentist’s o have a great practice and help the patients have a smooth experience.