Best Gym Management Software
Best Gym Management Software
I giggle as I recall the things I had to do before I had access to the technology I use today when I first started my fitness business.

I giggle as I recall the things I had to do before I had access to the technology I use today when I first started my fitness business.

Don't worry; I'll provide you with some of the greatest software that I use in my physical fitness studio and online personal training company, so you can get started right away if you're just beginning your own gym or fitness venture.

Throwback to before gym management software

I can recall a period when I really had to write up and email customer bills. Or back when I really kept track of class passes in my group exercise sessions using punch cards. Without a doubt, I used to have a box at the entrance to the gym that had a hole puncher and a "punch card" for each client to use as they arrived.

First of all, I'm grateful that every single one of my customers is dependable and punches their cards when they enter the gym (at least, that's what I believe, haha), but let's not even begin to talk about the mess of little white paper circles that are everywhere. Yes, there really was a battle!

In addition to that problem, I also recall drafting out each client's "home programs" for personal training on my computer, attaching YouTube videos to the exercises, and sending them to the clients. Thankfully, those times are also behind us because I can't even begin to imagine how much extra time this must have took me during my free time from training.

I am very grateful that I immediately adopted the new technologies that were readily accessible at the time and nearly entirely eliminated paper use in my fitness studio.

Here is the best software I use to run my gym and online fitness coaching business with ease:

1.Client Management Software (MevoLife)

Your fitness company is effectively managed by the MevoLife Client Management Software System & Tools with a comprehensive list of clients and their thorough profiles.

To effectively manage and service your clients, you must be able to access client information quickly and conveniently. The client list, profile, vitals, reservations, payments, the allocated plan, and files are all available in one location with the Profile Manager on your dashboard.

2.Online Training: Trainerize

Fortunately, I've been using Trainerize since the program was first made available to trainers, which was pretty much day one. It has aided in the expansion of both my physical fitness studio and my online training company.

With all the tools that Trainerize provides, I can now train more individuals globally while using fewer in-person training hours. Instead of working lengthy hours on the gym floor, I can now spend more time with my children and developing my enterprises. Trainerize also enables me to book customers for my in-person personal training sessions, provide plans to them, and hold them responsible when they aren't training with me.

Additionally, thanks to the meal tracking feature in the Trainerize app, I can hold customers more accountable for their nutrition! Additionally, I am able to provide clients who only need nutrition counseling who do not want assistance with their exercise extra cash for my business.

3. Online Booking: Wellness Living (or MindBody!)

Now that I use Wellness Living instead of MindBody, I can claim that they are both essentially the same (Wellness Living just ended up being a bit cheaper for me). This software has helped me manage my fitness studio extremely efficiently by enabling clients to schedule sessions, sign up for free trials, learn more about what we have to offer, read reviews, and send emails to their contacts. There are client and staff apps that make it simple for customers to make reservations and purchases, and the staff app makes it simple for us to view appointments and class registrations.

4. Graphic Design: Canva

Canva is the greatest software available (in my view) to make you appear like a professional graphic designer when you actually have no talents, and it has completely changed the game for my business. Instead of developing these things from scratch, I use Canva for my YouTube videos, social media posts, website design, email templates, and much more. The free edition provides more than enough functionality for your needs.

5. Email Marketing: Flodesk


Because of how simple it is to use and how attractive the emails are, I personally use Flodesk. I've been using it to create my email list for promoting both my offline and online services, and I also send out weekly emails to my audience to remain in touch and keep establishing my brand's credibility with potential customers.