Best Diet Tips for Workout Beginners
Best Diet Tips for Workout Beginners
The fitness diet plan and recommendations described will improve your fitness.

In terms of nutrition, it can get too complicated. However, nutrition has a significant impact on your progress at the gym. In addition, it will also serve as a resource and showcase the nutrient-rich foods that should be included in your daily gym diet plan. The purpose of post-training nutrition is twofold, on the one hand, to promote muscle recovery and on the other hand to restore energy. Therefore, the focus should once again be on high-quality protein intake and carbohydrate foods.  It is also widely believed that the timing of protein production is extremely important to maximize growth.

However, several recent studies have shown that the total daily protein intake is higher than it is now. Furthermore, it is important to be concerned about your workout clothes because that is an essential part of your routine too. Be wise while choosing your sportswear. There are too many local and international brands providing you; with compression shorts, pants, sweatshirts, and tee shirts.

7 Days Workout Plan

Day 1

  • Breakfast – Oats, Banana, Pancakes with Protein Shake.
  • Lunch – Multigrain roti along with spinach chicken and avocado bell pepper salad
  • Pre-workout snacks- bananas
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- brown rice, pea's paneer curry, sprouts vegetables salad.

Day 2

  • Breakfast- Oatmeal with Greek Yogurt & Seasonal fruits, and mango juice.
  • Lunch – multigrain roti, fish curry, and vegetable salad.
  • Pre-workout snacks- toast with jam.
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- broken wheat khichdi along with carrot raita, egg white, and vegetable salad.

Day 3

  • Breakfast- Poached Eggs, Whole Grain Toast, and Protein Shake.
  • Lunch- Quinoa upma, chicken and broccoli salad.
  • Pre-workout snacks- mixed nuts and dried fruits.
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- baby potatoes, lean beef, vegetable curry, brown rice cucumber raita, and a chocolate milkshake.

Day 4

  • Breakfast- oatmeal with honey apple juice.
  • Lunch- grilled chicken, salad, and whole grain.
  • Pre-workout snacks- toast with peanut butter.
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- methi chicken, brown rice, broccoli, and a protein shake.

Day 5

  • Breakfast- Scrambled egg, whole grain toast, and smoothie.
  • Lunch- grilled chicken, vegetable roti rolls, and green salad.
  • Pre-workout snacks- mixed nuts and dried fruits.
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- chicken stir fry, spring onion, peppers and broccoli & chocolate milk.

Day 6

  • Breakfast- oatmeal, whole grain toast, and orange juice.
  • Lunch- wholegrain chicken wraps, black beans, peppers, and Greek yogurt.
  • Pre-workout snacks- apple with peanut butter.
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- Keema and multigrain roti Lean Beef Mince, Sweet Potato and Protein Shake.

Day 7

  • Breakfast- Oatmeal with nuts, and smoothie.
  • Lunch- whole wheat pasta with chicken and green salad.
  • Pre-workout snacks- granola and cereal.
  • Dinner post-workout snacks- Fish curry boiled green peas salad, Brown Rice, Garden Peas, and Milk.


  • Eat the three macronutrients.
  • Consume unsaturated fats instead of saturated or Trans fats.
  • Limit your use of products that will harm the health and progress of the gym.
  • Keep hydration levels up to date.


  • Skipping meals, particularly before or after work out.
  • Eat a "heavy" complex carbohydrate meal too close to the beginning of workouts.
  • Rely too strongly on single carbohydrates for fuel performance.
  • Make poor food choices to save calories.


In short, it is now clear that there are many aspects of nutrition that need to be considered when it comes to maximizing gymnastic progress and improving overall health. So, following the fitness diet plan and recommendations described in this article will allow you to make substantial changes to your performance and health.