Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Beneficial For Cardiac Patients? - Geohoney
Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Beneficial For Cardiac Patients? - Geohoney
Here you can find the answer to how Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial for cardiac patients? Read the blog now!

We all have seen the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps at a spa, local décor store, restaurants, or in a friend's house. But, we always wonder what these beautiful lamps do besides making the room soothing & cozier. Himalayan salt lamps are pink salt crystals mined from the Himalayan Mountains. These lamps are handcrafted by hollowing out a chamber in the bottom and inserting a bulb to illuminate the salt crystals from inside.

Himalayan salt lamps have become popular in recent years because of the incredible health benefits they offer. These lamps are mostly loved by the people who want to take a more natural approach to lifestyle, whereas some purchase them only to enhance the interior of their place. But it is pretty interesting to know how can Himalayan salt lamps benefit mental & physical health while sitting at your table?

Scientists tout it all descends to their regular ionizer properties, or in a more significant amount of layman's terms, being able to change the electrical charge of the standard air in the room. 

Advertised as a natural ionizer, salt lamps have been theorized to influence our health in many ways positively, including purifying & cleansing indoor air, blocking electrical radiation, boosting mood and energy, calming allergies, and providing relief from asthma & other respiratory issues. In addition, however, there are some indications that bright light and high-density negative air ionization are effective antidepressants in patients with seasonal affective disorder.

Above all the benefits mentioned, Himalayan salt lamps might assist in lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. But is it true?

Few studies have revealed that negative ions released by these lamps accelerate the blood flow, thereby providing relief from several vascular system disorders. Apart from this, the soothing color and light of the Himalayan salt lamps are highly beneficial in relieving stress and maintaining blood pressure which in turn helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Salt lamps aren't a cure-all, and they don't replace a regular medical treatment. They do produce a lot of negative ions but not like you'll find in nature, particularly around water. Assuming that negative ions are the objective, clearing out or a dip in nature is a considerably more proficient method for getting them.

As more and more research is still needed in the area of Himalayan salt lamps benefits for cardiac patients, try using them as beautiful light sources that might offer other health advantages to improve physical & mental state of wellbeing.

At the end of the day, these lamps do not fix severe heart problems on their own but only improve indoor air quality. They are, however, an eco-friendly light source that produces a healthy spectrum of light. So if you are choosing lamps for your home, they are a great option to consider. But make sure to consult your health care professional in every case so that you can get the best treatment at the right time.

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