8 Quick Laser Hair Removal Facts – Dr. Rohit Batra Explains
8 Quick Laser Hair Removal Facts – Dr. Rohit Batra Explains
To provide one with helpful information, Dr. Rohit Batra discusses the facts of laser hair removal in detail. He is known for offering the Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

Individuals have been finding reasons to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. But, no one enjoys shaving since it's tireless and tedious; for some, it can be an everyday task. But with laser hair removal, everything has become easy! If one is interested in laser hair removal but is yet to experience it, it is helpful to have as much information as possible.


To provide one with helpful information, Dr. Rohit Batra discusses the facts of laser hair removal in detail. He is known for offering the Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi. Keep reading to learn more.


What is Laser Hair Removal?


Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses light to damage the hair follicles at the root. This results in significantly less hair post-procedure and less future growth. There are several reasons why one should pursue laser hair removal. Many individuals want a more permanent alternative to waxing or shaving. Regardless of why one is considering laser hair removal, the following are some helpful facts about the procedure.


1. Laser Hair Removal is Safe on the Skin


A focused beam of light is used to remove unwanted hair during the laser hair removal procedure. The laser destroys the hair follicle after it targets the pigment in the hair, stopping further growth. Laser hair removal is mostly safe for the skin, but there are a few potential side effects that one should be aware of before getting the procedure. These include temporary irritation or redness in the treated area.


2. Laser Hair Removal Does Not Work on Blonde, Gray or Red Hair


Although laser hair removal is effective, not all hair colours respond well to it. Laser removal is difficult for hair that is blonde, grey, red, or ginger. These lighter colours don't absorb enough light to be helpful since the pigment in the hair absorbs the laser's light. One will need to discover another technique of hair removal if they have these hair colours. There's a reason why laser technicians constantly advise their clients against bleaching their hair before a session. The colour pigment in the hair is removed via bleaching. Therefore, the colour pigment in the hair is what draws light energy produced by the laser machine. If there is no pigment to target, laser hair removal won’t work. Book a consultation with Dr. Rohit Batra at DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinic, the Best Skin Clinic in Delhi to learn if one is a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. 


3. Laser Hair Removal Does Not Cause Cancer


Although laser hair removal has gained popularity, there is considerable controversy around its safety. Some people are concerned about the laser energy that may make skin cancer more likely. However, there is no proof to prove this. Laser hair removal is a relatively safe procedure. However, the risk of developing cancer is extremely low. 


4. Laser Hair Removal Takes 6 to 8 Sessions to Observe Visible Results


For visible results, laser hair removal requires six to eight sessions. The procedure aims to target the hair follicles that cause the hair to fall out. Dark hair and light skin are the most effective for laser hair removal. The procedure can be used to remove hair from the bikini line, legs, arms, and other body parts. One may require eight sessions or more to get rid of hair in different areas. 


5. Home-use Laser Devices are Not as Effective as Medical-Grade Lasers


Home-use lasers for hair removal are less beneficial than medical-grade lasers. Medical-grade lasers are more effective than lasers for home usage in hair removal. The devices have a more prominent spot size than medical lasers and emit low-energy pulses. As a result, using a laser at home to remove hair will take longer and could not be as successful in getting rid of all of the hair. Additionally, home-use lasers are not as safe as medical lasers and, if improperly used, can result in burns or other damage.


6. One Must Shave Before Laser Removal Session


If one is considering laser hair removal, one might wonder if one needs to shave before the appointment. The answer is yes. Shaving before the appointment will help the laser target the hair follicles and offer more effective results. Plus, it’ll help prevent any discomfort during the procedure. Therefore, one must get shaved before their laser hair removal appointment. 


7. The Procedure is Simple and Effective 


Before undergoing the procedure, one should know its mechanism and how it works. Laser hair removal works by emitting light through the laser absorbed by melanin. The light energy converts to heat and damages the hair follicles, leading to hair growth delay. This procedure helps to make the thick black hair turn into fine baby hair. With multiple sessions, one will find the process simple and effective. 


8. The Procedure is Not Painful at All


Some might assume laser hair removal to be a painful procedure. However, it is like the snap of a rubber band. With the new technology, laser shots are given in motion. Therefore, one does feel the pain, instead, it is more like a hot massage. Therefore, if one feels too much pain, one can ask the technician to use numbing creams to make the process more comfortable. 


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