Robotic Total Knee Replacement India
Robotic Total Knee Replacement India
Get better alignment and balancing by robotic total knee replacement surgery in Jaipur, India by the most experienced surgeon, Dr. Anoop Jhurani. Call us at 9829019985.

Robotic Knee Replacement in Jaipur

Robotic knee replacement includes the removal of the thigh bone, prostheses, and shinbone. Through robotic-assisted surgery, artificial transplant takes place. The artificial knee has been replaced during this surgery when the alloy of metal and high density of plastic has been placed in the place of the knee’s damaged tissues. Dr. Anoop Jhurani has the best machines and techniques to perform the Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement in Jaipur.

If you’re planning to get done your surgery then you need to visit and meet Dr. Anoop Jhurani, he will tell you the procedure of the operation and what to eat or not to eat before your treatment. The body’s condition is required to get measured before the surgery so that nothing will be needed in the end moment such as your blood pressure and sugar level especially needed to check first. If anything is misshapen during the surgery then surgery will be postponed or delayed or might be canceled. You need to maintain health before the surgery.


Why is robotic knee replacement surgery so popular?


We use a robotic arm during the robotic knee replacement procedure to replace the knee joint. An orthopedic surgeon will remove damaged tissue and install prosthetic joints in its place. The only distinction is that, depending on the robotic system used for your surgery, it might need a robotic arm device to finish it.


Robotic knee replacement procedures are more accurate, and they could result in a quicker recovery and better results. In more complicated circumstances, a robotically assisted knee replacement provides greater balance within the soft tissues around your knee as well as improved joint alignment.


You don't need to get ready any differently for a robotically assisted knee replacement than you would for standard treatment. Dr. Anoop Jhurani performs the best robotic knee replacement surgery in Jaipur.


What is the robotic total knee replacement recovery process?

You can resume most daily activities, including shopping and light house cleaning, after 3-6 weeks of surgery. If you can bend your knee far enough to sit in a car, you can start driving in about three weeks. Get in touch with the best robotic total knee replacement doctor in Jaipur, India.

After you've recovered, you can engage in a variety of low-affected activities like riding, walking, and swimming. However, avoid intensive activities like jogging, skiing, tennis, and contact or jumping-based sports.

Using more exact incisions and aiding with alignment during robotic knee joint replacement may lead to a quicker recovery. Knee replacements frequently enhanced a patient's quality of life because they reduce pain, increase mobility, and enhance overall function. Most knee replacements should last a long time.


Dr. Anoop Jhurani is an expert in robotic knee implants in Jaipur, India, and is among the best surgeons you can find. He offers everything in one place with minimal pain and a shorter stay in the hospital.