How to reduce discomfort after placing dentures?
How to reduce discomfort after placing dentures?
Dentures may cause discomfort during the adjustment phase. Reduce the discomfort by following some useful tips.

Having whiter teeth is what everyone cares for. But not all are lucky in having natural teeth that are whiter and brighter without any dental defects. For them, dentures are the best solution. A dentist in Sugarland may recommend it to those with tooth decay, injury or periodontal disease. However, dentures may cause discomfort in the patient during the adjustment phase and after a few years of using it.  

Dentures may slip whenever you are speaking or eating something. It happens mostly during the adjustment phase. Some people develop painful sores within the mouth. As time goes by, you will become more accustomed to dentures. Once it happens, it lasts longer by fitting perfectly well for several years. Still, due to the absence of natural teeth, the bone-type ridge portion of the gums starts to shrink due to lack of stimulation. Since dentures are made of plastic, it remains the same. It leads to a painful situation once again. Some tips can help you.

Neatly Maintain Dentures

Keep the dentures neat and clean during the adjustment phase. In addition, it helps in keeping the bacteria at bay. The presence of bacteria could cause a delay in the healing process. You can make use of a special denture cleaner. You can even brush your denture with some clean water and toothpaste gently.


Brush Gums Gently

Brush your gums also gently without providing more pressure. It can reduce the accumulation of plaque and bacteria. In addition, it enhances stimulation to keep the tissues present beneath the gums healthy.

Don’t Eat Food That is Hard To Chew

Remember that your gums are still undergoing a healing process. It requires time to adjust to the external pressure given by the dentures. Soft food is the ideal type of food you should eat during the adjustment period. Once the gums are healed, you can eat the food you wish.


A Sugarland dentist may recommend some pain-relieving medications which will help ease the pain. You can also remove the dentures for some time if you have developed soreness within the gum area.

You should remove the dentures and go to sleep. The gums also need rest. Do not adjust the dentures by yourself. Always avail help from a professional dentist when it comes to taking care of adjustments. Consult your nearest dentist in Sugarland for dentures.