How Long Does the Effects of Soma |
How Long Does the Effects of Soma |
Most of the population buy Soma online in the US, as more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

Soma, also known by the generic name Buy Carisoprodol Online , is a prescription skeletal muscle relaxant. Doctors prescribe the medication to relieve pain caused due to muscle injuries like sprains and strains. Soma comes in tablet form for oral administration, often several times a day for treating an injury. The medication is usualy combined with rest and physical therapies or other treatment options to treat skeletal muscle pain and discomfort. However, some people also get addicted to soma and use it other than how it is directed.

Effects of Soma

Soma causes muscle relaxation, drowsiness, and decreased anxiety. However, muscle relaxers, like soma, can also cause various unintended side effects. These adverse effects can be more severe and even fatal when a person misuses the medication. The National Library of Medicine confirms the following list of soma side effects:

  • Drowsiness

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Vomiting

  • Skin rash

  • Increased clumsiness

  • Increased heart rate

  • Stomach upset

Side effects of soma, life fever, difficulty breathing, or burning in the eyes, indicate a severe reaction to the medication and need immediate medical attention.

Side effects of Soma Addiction generally set in within 30 minutes of oral administration and usually last 4-6 hours.

Abusing soma can have many unwanted effects on the body. The Drug Enforcement Administration confirms the following list of physical effects:

  • Irritability

  • Agitation

  • Depression

  • Hypotension

  • Tachycardia

  • Extreme weakness

  • Temporary loss of consciousness

  • Difficulty speaking

  • Cervical spine injury

  • Confusion

  • Euphoria

  • Disorientation

  • Dilated pupils

  • Double vision

These effects of soma abuse are of short duration. However, persistent abuse of medicine can cause permanent damage to your body. The lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and brain can be adversely affected by carisoprodol abuse.

Soma Overdose 

An overdose of the Buy Soma Medication online can be hazardous, requiring immediate medical attention. The New York Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) confirms the following list of soma overdose:

  • Palpitations

  • Chills

  • Vomiting

  • Extreme drowsiness

  • Trouble breathing

  • shock

  • Coma

Severe overdose on soma leads to permanent brain damage or death. The overdose risk is much higher if someone is overusing or abusing the medication. Repeated abuse of soma can lead to an unintentional overdose.

Chances of overdosing on soma also increase among people who have been through detox. Repeated use of the medication leads to increased tolerance, which means that the tolerant person needs a higher dose of soma in order to experience effects that once achieved at a lower dose.

Soma Addiction

Based on the Current Drug Abuse Reviews, soma causes addiction similarly to sedatives like benzodiazepines. The medication breaks down in your body to produce a metabolite called meprobamate, which is addictive. Individuals generally abuse soma for its sedative and relaxing effects.

Many individuals who get addicted to soma were generally prescribed the medicine by a doctor to treat a muscle injury or other muscular pain. Some people taking medicine become addicted to it. Chances of getting addicted to prescription medications like soma increase if people misuse them, try to self-treat themselves by taking larger than prescribed doses, or use it in other than prescribed ways.

People who get addicted to soma are physically dependent on medicine. Physical dependence occurs when your body becomes accustomed to soma, then requires the medication to function properly. When physical dependence occurs, people will experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they stop using soma. The Current Drug Abuse Reviews confirms the list of the following symptoms of soma withdrawal:

  • Tremors

  • Insomnia

  • Vomiting

  • Anxiety

  • Delusions

  • Hallucinations

  • Ataxia

  • Muscle twitching

Signs of Soma Addiction

Soma addiction can affect every area of a person’s life. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) determines that addiction is a relapsing brain disease, leading to drug-seeking and using behavior regardless of negative consequences.

People who are addicted to soma find that much of their time goes into acquiring and using soma. They spend less time with family and close friends and discontinue doing things that they once enjoyed. Soma addiction quickly leads to deterioration of quality of life.

Some signs of soma abuse and addiction include:

  • Taking higher than prescribed doses

  • Forging or stealing prescriptions

  • Changes in sleep pattern

  • Excessive hostility or unexplained mood swings

  • Appearing to be much more or less energetic than before

  • Seeking prescriptions from multiple doctors


Soma addiction interferes with daily life functioning. Carefully monitor the use of the medication to prevent physical dependence and abuse. If you are concerned about your soma use, consult your prescribing doctor.