Create a Calming Weekend Environment with Essential Oils
Create a Calming Weekend Environment with Essential Oils
Are you ready to hit the reset button and enjoy a weekend at home? There are plenty of things you could get into, but you deserve a little pampering and self-care. With the help of essential oil blends, you can elevate your atmosphere and chill out at the same time. From a morning yoga practice at home to Saturday afternoon spa day, discover the uses of essential oils.

Take a deep breath—you made it through another hectic week. Now it’s time to pat yourself on the back and unwind this weekend. What are you going to do? Sometimes the best weekends are spent at home with an empty to-do list and endless self-care possibilities. As you’re enjoying some much-needed you time, try incorporating premium essential oils into the mix. If you’re wondering what are essential oils going to do for your weekend, the following ideas may help. Elevate your home atmosphere this weekend with these essential oil tips.

Morning Yoga on Both Days

Rise and shine with a cup of tea, then put on your comfy yoga clothes and roll your mat out. You can enhance your morning yoga practice with essential oil blends that support a connection to your strength and inner wisdom. Essential oil blends that may enhance your yoga atmosphere include cedarwood, lavender, sandalwood, and cinnamon, to name a few. Another blend for your morning yoga practice might bring an atmosphere of clearness and courage to your space, such as lemon, grapefruit, Osmanthus, Melissa, and Siberian fir. You can use essential oil blends that enhance your yoga practice topically or in diffusing jewelry or lava diffusing rocks, for example. What a great way to wake up!

At-Home Spa Day on Saturday

Creating a spa-like experience at home is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Everyone deserves a little pampering and a relaxing aromatic experience to go with it. From exfoliating body scrubs to replenishing body butters, you can give your skin the full experience. You could also make your own essential oil bath bomb, face scrub, or a deep hair conditioning routine. To whip up the deep hair conditioning mask, you’ll need coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, geranium, rosemary, and clary sage are all great options. For softer, smoother winter hair, give it a try.

Enjoy a Chill Saturday Night

By Saturday evening, it’s likely time to indulge your senses with essential oils that promote a light, positive environment. Floral or citrus scents stimulate the senses in all the best ways. Enjoy the bright aroma of wild orange peel, clove bud, vanilla bean extract, and nutmeg kernel, for example. You can choose an essential oil blend to diffuse in the room you’re chillin’ in.

Soothe the ‘Sunday Scaries’

After your morning yoga and getting your ducks in a row for the week ahead, you’ll want to end your weekend on a positive note. Invoke peaceful vibes with sweet, rich, minty aromas. Lime, spearmint, wild orange, lavender, and frankincense are a few essential oils you may appreciate. You’ll have to try what works best for you. Read a good book, power down the electronics, and get ready to rock the week ahead. There’s nothing you can’t handle.

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