Who gets an ear infection? Learn preventive measures
Who gets an ear infection? Learn preventive measures
We are discuss about ear infection

The ear is an important part of the body. Not only do we hear through these, but the inner part of the ear also plays an important role in the balancing of the body. But due to many reasons, due to infection or any kind of defect in the ear, the ability to hear is affected. A person can also become deaf if they do not get the right treatment.


Be careful while taking bath

Ear infections can happen in many ways. Infection usually occurs due to water getting inside the ear, which is basically due to carelessness while taking bath or swimming. The water first reaches the outer part of the ear, the external auditory canal.Fungal virus called otomycosis begins to grow when water is left for a long time. In this way infection occurs and there is pain in the ear. Pus starts forming in the ear, gradually the infection reaches the middle ear and pierces the eardrum. Pus begins to exit the external auditory canal

Autogenic Infection

Sometimes this infection reaches till the middle year. The bones of the middle ear begin to melt. These bones help in transmitting external sound to the brain. In this condition, the external sound does not reach the brain, which reduces the ability to hear.

Symptoms of ear infection

Swelling in the temple or inner part, burning in the ear, persistent pain in the ear, pus formation in the ear, blockage of the inner part of the ear, hearing loss, but there is a sound of dripping inside, a person with infection There may also be a fever. Do not ignore these symptoms and contact ENT specialist doctor immediately.

who is more at risk

People who have had ear infections years ago. In medical treatment, the pus may have dried up by taking antibiotic medicine, but in many cases the hole in the eardrum has not been cured. Due to dust and soil in their ears, there is a high possibility of infection happening again and again.
The patient suffering from cold and cold for a long time has difficulty in breathing. They forcibly blow their nose to breathe. That is, rapidly draw air in through the nose and release it out. Many times the water released after blowing goes into the Eustachian tube connecting the middle part of the nose and the ear. Water blocks the tube thus causing ear infection

When we need to go ent hosptial

If the problem of ear is increasing more then you should go to the best ent hospital in jaipur and show it to a good ent specialist in jaipur, here you will get a good treatment and your problem will get relief soon.