Get Super PRP Therapy Results with 7 Magic Tips
Get Super PRP Therapy Results with 7 Magic Tips
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a natural procedure that involves injections and can lead to highly satisfying results.

Get Super PRP Therapy Results With 7 Magic Tips

There are a few tips that you need to follow after the process to get super results. Following these instructions will enable you to see a big difference in your PRP before and after photos.


PRP treatment is beneficial to everyone no matter who you are, how old, or your shape. Some people are even luckier to see results after one or two treatments. According to numerous research on PRP, the therapy helps heal and grow tissues.


In this article, you will learn seven magic tips you should use to get super PRP therapy results. Follow these, and you will be amazed when you see your PRP before and after photos.


7 Magic Tips on How to Improve Your PRP Results


High-Intensity Cardio Exercises


This might sound like a no-brainer. However, it is probably among the essential keys to ramping up the creation of red blood cells, strengthening your immune system. Your body generates higher levels of red blood cells, and you will get more PRP in your blood.


Consume a Diet Rich in Green Leafy Vegetables


Typically, most people find it hard to change their dietary habits. A healthy lifestyle is an essential aspect of our long-term health. Therefore, ensure you introduce green, leafy vegetables in your diet, which will work without boosting PRP therapy results.


These diets will help you get increased immunity, better circulation due to lower cholesterol and regulated hormone levels. All these will help boost the outcome of the PRP procedure.


Avoid Smoking, Drinking, or Doing Drugs


Smoking and drinking after the PRP procedure will eventually affect the treatment outcome. Smoking reduces the volume of PRP that you can get from the same amount of blood and the toxins in cigarettes tend to impede the stem cell's ability to work.


Increase B-Vitamins and Hydrate


To get effective PRP results, ensure your B-Vitamins, especially VitaminB12, are high. You also should ensure that you are hydrated before the PRP procedure. This practice will help increase your red blood cells and hemoglobin.


Avoid Taking Medications


Typically, the pain and discomfort will go away one day after PRP treatment. However, if the pain persists, your doctor will advise you to take Tylenol. Other than this, make sure you are not using any inflammatory medications without your doctor's consent.


Do Not Touch the Treated Site


Some hours after the PRP therapy, make sure not to touch the treated sites. Doing this will allow serums to settle onto your skin.


Avoid Cleansers


Do not use cleaners when cleaning your face for a day after the PRP treatment. Instead, ensure you are using lukewarm water and wash your face with water before touching your face.


Final Thought


Your PRP before and after photos will surely make a massive difference if you adhere to the above tips. These tips are essential to see significant results after the PRP process. PRP is a safe facial procedure that will help you look younger and beautiful.