Do you also feel shame like Raya because of your breasts?
Do you also feel shame like Raya because of your breasts?
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Raya is an ordinary young woman who feels that she has fallen behind in life, not able to reach her full potential as a woman. She spends her days watching tv serials and having boring conversations with her work friends.

Raya wants to try the best breast enhancing creams for herself so she orders it online, keeping the purchase secret from everyone in her life. Drastic changes start taking place after the first day when she notices a sense of confidence and an increase in breast size. The next day she tells her friends at work and they are intrigued but want to see results before they invest their money.

Encouraged by the response, Raya continues using the breast size increasing cream daily and watches as her breasts become bigger and fuller. She decides to apply for a promotion at work and gets it! The friends are amazed when they find out.