Dentists should wear radiation protection aprons when taking X-rays
Dentists should wear radiation protection aprons when taking X-rays
Dental X-rays are an important diagnostic and monitoring tool for oral disorders that require prompt treatment. Most dentists now recommend X-rays at regular intervals for all patients.

Dental lead aprons must be worn throughout these treatments to protect patients from X-ray exposure. Furthermore, X-ray treatments can detect a variety of potentially life-threatening tooth and mouth disorders, such as periodontal (gum) disease, some oral cancers, tooth decay, and a variety of other abnormalities.

Dental X-rays, on the other hand, pose minor health risks. As a result, a lead apron is frequently required.

Radiation Protection Aprons and X-rays of the Teeth

A radiation protection apron is a type of protective clothing that shields the wearer from radiation exposure during dental X-rays.

The following explains why radiation protection aprons are required during dental X-rays and what may occur if they are not worn.


When taking dental X-rays, why should radiation protection aprons be worn?

As previously stated, during dental X-rays, a radiation protection apron is worn to protect internal organs and other vital body components from radiation exposure.

The radiation protection aprons work by shielding radiation before it enters the body, without interfering with dental X-ray readings. Even though dental X-rays are typically performed in the mouth, radiation exposure may occur in lower body areas; thus, radiation protection aprons are worn during dental X-rays.


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