Why It's Important to Divide Cleaning Into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
Why It's Important to Divide Cleaning Into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
Not many people know that there is a proven way to keep your hose always clean without spending a lot of hours tidying it. We will guide you through this quick yet effective steps.

If you live in New York you probably don’t have much free time but if you want to maintain a clean house, you should follow a house cleaning schedule. Such a cleaning schedule shouldn't be a strict set of rules as in the medical institution, as an example, however a simple calendar to assign chores to your family. If you like a clean and brand new looking home, this is how you can make that happen. 

Creating a cleaning schedule can be a hard task. How long do such tasks are taken? How often cleaning tasks should be made? What tasks are counted as daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal tasks? The thing is that the task list should be unique for every person in your home. If you live with children, you may find that weekly tasks need to be performed daily to prevent getting behind in your cleaning. If you live alone, in a small studio some daily chores may only need to be followed once in a week. People with allergy sufferers and breathing issues may need to do certain tasks more often. Our guideline could be a nice starting point for creating your own daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning schedule.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Most of us don’t prefer to clean every day, but, these daily household chores are very crucial if you want to maintain your home clean. Happily, they are not very time consuming and this everyday cleaning keeps dirt and stains away from your house, and you still have time to walk in a Central Park. Now, let’s check these tasks:

  • Dusting
  • Clean Floors
  • Clean Tables
  • Sweep & Mop Kitchen Floor
  • Wipe Down Counters
  • Make Bed

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Awesome, now let’s jump to the weekly cleaning tasks. There are pros and cons here. First, they just require small attention once a week; on the other hand, they need much more time and energy to finish, at least most of them. However, weekly cleaning tasks are an important part of the plan if you want to keep your home in neat condition. What to clean every week:

  • Vacuuming Carpets
  • Deep Clean Cooker
  • Do Laundry
  • Clean Bathrooms Thoroughly
  • Clean Appliances
  • Clean Under Beds

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Each month, there are few things and spots in your house that needs attention. Some require deep cleaning while others just need a little tidying up. These tasks are:

  • Deep Clean Refrigerator 
  • Clean Showerheads
  • Ceiling Fans 
  • Dustbin Deep Clean 
  • Deep Clean Microwave 

How about an always clean house?

If you will follow all the mentioned tasks your house would be always clean and tidy. Also, download a free cleaning schedule here, print it, and use a simple and effective chores checklist.