Are Dumpsters Eco-friendly?
Are Dumpsters Eco-friendly?
This article discusses the environmental friendliness of dumpster rentals and why it is a good idea to hire a professional waste management firm.


Pollution is one of the greatest environmental problems. Although many efforts have been made in order to conserve the environment, many households still struggle with managing waste products.

A dumpster rental is a great option to manage waste. You see garbage trucks going around collecting trash from the streets. We can't help but wonder if those big dumpster trucks are eco-friendly when they collect all types of garbage, recyclable and not. What makes a dumpster rental service in a Residential Dumpster Rental Lancaster PA different from the waste management practices of homeowners or businesses?

This article discusses the environmental friendliness of dumpster rentals and why it is a good idea to hire a professional waste management firm.


Five Reasons Dumpster Rentals Are Eco-Friendly


Although there are many waste management methods that have been used, dumpster rentals are the best and most practical way to dispose of garbage. There are many ways that dumpster rentals can reduce pollution in the community.

Here are five (5) of the major environmental benefits that dumpsters offer.

1. Minimizes Energy Consumption

To dispose of your trash, it can be both time-consuming and expensive to drive back and forth to the landfill. A dumpster rental allows you to dispose of your garbage at the right place, reducing your fuel consumption.

The larger Eco-Dumpsters can hold a lot of rubbish, but you only need to make one trip with the more spacious storage. It would take only one to two trips to haul a large dumpster, rather than hundreds of trips by car.

2. Allows for greater recycling

According to records of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only 35% was recycled in 2017. This is a substantial improvement on the 15-year old rate, but it shows that there are still many things to do to ensure sustainable and responsible waste management.

Similar research suggests that Americans could recycle up to 70% of their trash. Proper waste segregation is necessary to achieve this goal. You can have professionals sort your waste materials for you by renting a dumpster. This will reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the local landfill.

3. It is forbidden to burn waste

In smaller rural areas, it is common to set trash on fire. Garbage burning is a common practice in smaller rural communities. People place their garbage in a fire barrel and set it ablaze. Garbage burning is a significant contributor to uncontrolled pollution and contaminating food chains.

This can be avoided by renting a container. It provides homeowners and contractors with a safe place to dispose of their waste. You can rest assured that your unwanted materials, including demolition debris and broken appliances, will be properly disposed of by renting a dumpster.

4. Prevents water contamination

Chemical-containing liquids are often disposed of in the sink by residents and business owners. These toxins can leach into the soil and eventually reach urban water supplies. In such environments, bacteria and disease-carrying insects can thrive.

You don't have to put dangerous materials in your dumpster rental. However, waste management professionals can help you manage this type of waste. These professionals can help you decide the best way to dispose of paints, asbestos, and motor oils.

5. Promoting health and well-being


Our family's health must always be considered when it comes to garbage disposal. Dumpster rentals can help us be more responsible with trash disposal and reduce our chances of getting sick from chemicals or infectious wastes. You should be aware that not all dumpster rental companies follow the same service protocols. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional waste management company that offers eco-friendly dumpster rentals.