6 Pro Tips to follow when investing in a hair transplant clinic
6 Pro Tips to follow when investing in a hair transplant clinic
Are you looking to opt for a hair transplant process? There are several pro tips that you need to consider before the big investment. Keep reading to know in details.

Are you tired of using different products to increase hair growth? If yes, it might be time you gave yourself a makeover with a hair transplant. Wondering whether this is the best option? Well, in that case, this article will help you to shed some light on it. It is truly frustrating to find extra strands of hair every time you wake up or wash your hair. But how to get rid of this issue?  Simple by getting a proper transplant done from a reputed clinic after detailed research on hair transplant cost in UAE. There are several clinics available in and around UAE but which one is best for you depends on your preferences.

First, before discussing the clinic, let's understand the alarming signs which are red flags and need professional consultation.

Ready? Check out if you are facing these early signs,   

3 Alarming signs to consult a professional

Receding hairline

A very common sign in both males and females after a certain age and needs immediate attention. In the case of males, the receding hairline is quite visible as baldness. However, in the female, it is usually the sign of less hair in the frontal part of the scalp.

Sudden loss of hair patches

A bald spot or sudden loss of hair can appear at almost any time and anywhere around the scalp. A symptom that many people face before a sudden patch appears is a tingling sensation around the area.

White spots on nails

This is not known to many but actually, your nails are a clue of what exactly is happening in your body. Frequent white signs or craters on nails along with hair fall is an alarming sign to consult a professional. 

If you acknowledge any of these signs, it might be time to go for professional help. But before that, it is important to go through the top-rated hair transplant clinic reviews in Dubai. This will help you to properly identify which clinic suits your needs and preferences.

How to choose a hair transplant clinic

Checking upon types of restoration methods

The types of hair restoration that are provided to customers tend to differ from one clinic to another. The two most used techniques include FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). Although both the techniques are widely used FUE is far better in terms of a safe procedure. The reason being the result of FUE is much more effective and natural than FUT. One way you can decide the technique is by talking with your surgeon in person and then investing in it.

Qualification and experience of the surgeon

The next thing that is crucial for everyone to keep a check on is the qualification of the doctor. This will help you to identify whether they are aware of the latest technology and methods of transplantation or not. Now, in this regards also make a point to identify the license of the doctor in this profession. The simple reason is, that now various fraud doctors are targeting customers just to earn a handsome salary. Thereby, as a patient, you need to go through the details and hair transplant costs in UAE for a definite result.

Going through the before and after pictures

There are several flashy ways of marketing that transplant surgeons use to make their websites stand out. But the true results often tend to vary when the reviews are compared in-person and in details. This is the reason why you need to keep a check on the before and after pictures for better identification. Remember, direct visuals and testimonials from patients are proof of the surgeon's work in person. Thereby, go through these effectively to understand whether you are ready to invest in it or not.

Getting an idea of the cost

A common reason many people check even before deciding on a transplant is to check the cost. This is because still many people believe that the cost and expense of the treatment can be quite high. However, in reality, if you do proper research you will understand the exact hair transplant cost in UAE. Now, once getting a cost estimate, ask the clinic about their surgery and cost plan. A proper understanding of cost planning is helpful for an effective treatment plan. This helps you to avoid any kind of hidden charges involved in the procedure as well.

Researching about the clinic

Getting details on the clinic is crucial for a safe surgery and to build trust. Nowadays, you don't need to work hard for research, just go through the internet and you will get ample information. Similarly in this case too you need to properly research the clinic and their way of work. Now, during research, don't forget to research the staff as well. The simple reason is that after the surgery it will be the staff who will take care of you. You can also get help from your friends and family for better references for the clinic you are choosing.

Direct communication about the treatment plan

When you get to know exactly what to expect from your surgeon, it is helpful to better understand the procedure. Thereby, other than simply communicating with the staff, make it a point to visit the clinic in person for fact-checking and discussing the treatment. This will help you to clarify your doubts about the procedure and provide an idea of what to expect from the same. 

Final Words

Now you are aware of the essential tips for choosing the right hair transplant clinic. So what are you waiting for? Contact Padra Clinic for a seamless and effective experience of hair transplant surgery.


Author Bio: Asrifa Rosaleen is a surgeon by profession and a blogger by passion who has recently undergone a hair transplant surgery. Here she explores some pro tips that helped her to choose the best affordable option for a hair transplant cost in UAE.