newcomers to Genshin Impact
newcomers to Genshin Impact
genshin impact is an open-ended role-playing adventure mobile game, with beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay , which is well received .

Genshin Impact is a brand new open world adventure game developed by Chinese manufacturer Mihayou. When Genshin Impact is launched for the first time , players will be in a fantasy world called Tivat. Novice players can follow the prompts to finish the story, and then Start running around and exploring the world of Genshin Impact .




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in Genshin Impact need to explore decryption and collect achievements, and can explore freely after completing the novice main quest . At the beginning of the game, we only need to follow the guidance of the plot. Through the tutorial , we can get three game characters of Amber, Lisa, and Kaia . Players need to cultivate game characters, and upgrade them by completing tasks . Completing the main task will get a lot of experience .

When the player does not reach the level of the main quest , the player needs to explore and decrypt, such as opening a teleportation point , worshiping a god statue , finding a treasure chest, and collecting a god pupil , all of which can gain massive experience, and players can complete various dungeons through decryption . And world quests , in which the collected god pupils can be contributed to the god statue to increase the upper limit of stamina .

After players reach level 5, they can turn on the prayer function in the game , and they can get free card drawing opportunities for game rewards . By drawing cards, they can get characters to build their own team .

As long as you see the god pupil icon when exploring the map, you must remember to find it in the past! The collected god pupils are donated to the gods, and the upper limit of physical strength can be upgraded, which can be used for heavy blows and running.



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Element introduction

There are a total of seven types of elements in Genshin Impact , namely fire, water, wind, thunder, grass, ice, and rock . Each element has different attribute effects . The combination and reaction of the elements are mutual, and the elements are matched with each other. , will produce different elemental reactions . Each element also has a different attachment effect.

fire element is to burn the character and continue to cause damage. The attachment effect of the ice element is to slow down the character. The attached effect of the water element is to give the character the dampness to remove the burn. The rock element does not attach and triggers the crystallisation reaction to form a shield . The wind element will be attached to the monster for a very short time when the diffusion is triggered in the rear, and generally cannot be used as the pre-element of the element reaction.

Grass elements have no attachment effects, only combined effects .



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Level introduction

Adventure level: You can upgrade by exploring the map, running the main line, opening treasure chests, and doing tasks, and the highest level can only be upgraded to 60.

World level: When you reach level 15, the adventure level is turned on. For every 5 levels of adventure level, the world level will increase by 1 level. The higher the world level, the better the materials and equipment dropped in the map and dungeon.

Character level: The higher the world level , the higher the upper limit of the character that can be upgraded . Character upgrading requires resources , and the highest level can only be upgraded to 90.

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