Arcade Drift for beginners
Arcade Drift for beginners
Arcade Drift is a racing drifting competitive game. Players can drive racing cars to speed on various tracks in the game. So how should beginners play?

Arcade Drift for beginners

Arcade Drift is a racing drift racing game. In the game, players have to drive the car to speed on various tracks and drift through the corners. It is a perfect combination of driving and drifting. Each track is carefully designed. The corners have been polished a lot, which can definitely give you the most realistic and exciting driving experience. So what are the gameplay strategies for beginners of Arcade Drift ? Here is a tutorial for beginners of Arcade Drift , hoping to help you.



Arcade Drift T rack S election


At the beginning of the game, after the player selects the single player mode, the city track will appear. There should be three tracks in the game, the other two are the night city and the desert, which need to be unlocked with money, and the player can set the lap you want to run here. number, and how many AI sports cars you'll be racing against.


After setting the number of laps and AI, select the city track, and you will enter the garage. New players only have one sports car that can be used. Other sports cars with better performance need to be unlocked by players with game currency. In the garage, players can change the car's Color, you can also set the car's Power, Control and Mass.


After doing this, you can start your game. Players only need to control the car by pressing the button, up arrow or W to move the car forward, left and right keys or AD to control the car to move left and right, click the R button on the screen or press the R key to move It is possible to get the sports car back to the correct track, after running the number of laps you set, the game is over, and the system will reward you with money based on your performance.

In addition, players can give their sports car a name in the settings, adjust the game's graphics quality, and turn the game's sound on or off.



Arcade Drift Track Selection Of Color

gaming strategy

1、Making good use of drifting in the game can not only improve the cornering speed of the car, but also greatly improve the score obtained in the game.

2. We can increase the speed to a certain extent before drifting around the corner, and then adjust in the opposite direction when entering the corner to achieve drift.

3. It is necessary to adjust the control of the car in the settings, which can help us to complete the drift operation more easily.

4. It is crucial to unlock higher-level vehicles, the higher the level, the better the performance, which can help us get more points during the game.



Arcade Drift Track V ehicle A adjustment


above introduces the novice gameplay of Arcade Drift . The operation of this game is simple and easy to use, but if you want to control the car to drift well, it is still difficult, which will test the player's operating skills, but I believe that all players can After practice, advanced to the car god. For more information, here is a website with many online games, gametopn. There are many games that can be played for free online. Interested friends can go and have a look.