Why Are You Not Losing Weight Even When You Are Following a Diet Plan?
Why Are You Not Losing Weight Even When You Are Following a Diet Plan?
Have you been following a diet plan for quite some time but yet not able to lose weight? This is the problem we often hear people complaining about. In fact, most people complain that they have regained weight after dieting. But do you know why this happens? Let’s uncover these answers today.

There may be many reasons behind not losing weight, even when you are following a Weight loss diet plan. Some of these are the most common reason pointed by Dietician in India and these are: 

  • Hormonal Imbalance:

Many hormone-related conditions such as thyroid, PCOS, and menopause can prevent you from losing weight. Hunger hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, which can significantly affect your appetite, also hamper the process of weight loss.

Therefore, first and foremost, you need to cure your hormonal imbalance through appropriate nutrition and diet. Only then, you can truly begin your journey of weight loss.  

  • Nutrients Deficiency:

A simple deficiency of calcium or vitamins can also hamper your weight-loss journey. The lack of sufficient proteins, vitamins, and minerals in your body can slow down metabolism and lead to weight gain.

Your body needs nutrients to burn sugar and fat and create energy. Your diet plan should be based on the missing nutrients in your body and should also make sure that you are not cutting out on any important nutrients.   

  • Mindless Eating:

Mindless eating or distracted eating can make you ignore your body’s signals. Even when you are full, you may keep eating more and more food. This usually happens when you follow an unsustainable diet chart that does not resonate with your gut. When you are not entirely happy with your diet, you may lean towards eating mindlessly.

  • Tendency to Leave Restrictive Diet-Plan:

Weight loss diet plans that restrict calories make your body crave more calories. It slows down the metabolism and increases hunger-inducing hormones. As a result, you start consuming more calories.

Such diet plans are not sustainable in nature and you will have a tendency to leave them. But, when you leave a diet plan in the middle of the course, these cravings take over and you end up messing up with the metabolic functions of the body. 

Now, the question is why would you stop following a diet plan if you aim at losing weight?

Well, the answer lies in the sustainable nature of these weight-loss diet plans. Diet plans need to resonate with your gut. One diet chart doesn’t fit all body types. You are a unique lock and you have a unique key.

Therefore, you need to follow a diet chart that feels good to you and is adaptable to your lifestyle. It must cater to all your body needs and also fulfill all your cravings while making sure you are losing weight. 

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