Three Reasons Why You Should Opt for Concrete Sealing?
Three Reasons Why You Should Opt for Concrete Sealing?
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Needless to say, Concrete is the basic building block of your dream house. Monetarily speaking, concrete structures are a huge investment. It is mandatory to maintain concrete structures to improve their longevity. However, concrete structures start to deteriorate due to various reasons. Under those circumstances, it is crucial to clean and seal the concrete. 

Basics First: What Is Concrete Sealing?

It is a process where a protective barrier is provided on top of the concrete layer to protect it from external factors. The sealant increases the life of the concrete and makes cleaning easy. Usually, two coats of sealant are added. Here are five reasons why you should seal concrete.

Protects From Salt Deterioration

Now I'm going to speak chemistry, so buckle up. The chemical composition of cement includes calcium hydroxide that reacts chemically with calcium chloride in the salt creating calcium oxychloride. These crystals expand and result in small cracks in the structure. Concrete sealing can prevent this chemical reaction. In other words, concrete sealing stops cracks.

Shields from surface spalling

The chipping of concrete from the surface is something very normal. Technically, it is called surface spalling. The main reason is water or snow that constantly accumulates on the surface. As a result, it penetrates through the minute pores and results in expansion, damaging it further during the freeze-thaw cycles. If left unattended, this can affect the concrete integrity. The best way is to initiate concrete sealing.

Prevents internal cracking

Internal cracking happens when voids are present in the concrete structure. These voids start to open and spread due to spalling, water or snow intrusion, etc. It will further increase the void and damage the concrete structure. Perfectly sealing your concrete will reduce internal cracking and will not impact the surface.

Protects from Freeze-thaw Damage

Concrete structures in cold countries are subject to freeze-thaw damage. When the temperature drops below the freezing point and rises again, concrete expands and results in cracks. Further water seeps through the cracks and worsens the condition. Sealing the concrete, with proper sealant can prevent damage. 

Curbs Toxic Mold Growth

When water seeps through cracks in concrete, it ends up staying there due to the absence of proper drainage. As a result, mold starts to grow in the environment. Mold growth is something that you don't want in your house. It can cause a stuffy nose, and itchiness in the eyes and skin. Concrete sealing will cut down mold growth drastically and prevent water absorption into the cement.



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