then shot Moncler Outlet from above
then shot Moncler Outlet from above
then shot Moncler Outlet from above

With no physical presentation possible, he had to consider how to deliver the message of the collection through photography rather than an arrangement of space. The result is striking: two fantastic images of his new, rune - like symbol for the brand, which was transformed into two rafts and then shot Moncler Outlet from above.

In short, he's never been the type of person to stay within a single discipline. "I always want to do bits and pieces with many people. Is skiwear the new streetwear Not yet, but the influence of the sport on fashion has grown beyond the casual apres look intended for the lodge. Today it's the fusion of fashion with technical gear that's picking up speed, on and off the slopes.

If you are here, you are viewing the look book images for Genius Collection 4: Simone Rocha. We found Rocha sitting alone in the front row of a cinema made in her honor.

This is a collection of hyper - technical GPS - enabled ski wear (some pieces feature an emergency localizer in case of avalanche). In addition to the skate area, the 10,000 square meters rooftop also offers other activities such as a beach football space or a bouldering wall next to the skate park.

If this room wasn't startling enough, the second one blew you - and the clothes - away. Here the 10 models stood on metal grills below which powerful jets of air blew periodically upwards, blowing what resembled nylon Chinese lanterns into the air and keeping the garments unfurled like a sail in a full wind.


The Moncler logo is lasered onto the rollercoaster, while the smaller "tri - con" buckle lives inside the down jackets, where it secures straps you can use to wear it on your shoulders, backpack - style, if you get too hot. There's a new one, too.