‘Tell Me About Yourself,’ How to Answer this question in a Job Interview
‘Tell Me About Yourself,’ How to Answer this question in a Job Interview
“Tell me about yourself” It’s among the most frequently asked & challenging questions asked during an interview. Yet many job applicants do not take this question as seriously. Believing that it’s just an icebreaker to make them feel comfortable.

‘Tell Me About Yourself,’ question in a Job Interview.

But they must think carefully about the answer, as “tell me about yourself” is more than a firm opening for the majority of interviewers. If hiring managers ask the question in an open-ended format, they’re hoping applicants provide insight into their priorities and goals. That will help them get an idea of the person each candidate is.

It’s not that: Interviewers may also ask this question to gauge the confidence of interviewees. Which then will give them an idea of how new hires could show themselves to clients, customers, and colleagues should they be offered the job.

For those who are looking for jobs and job seekers, knowing the right answer to, “tell me about yourself,”. Is the chance to showcase the abilities and experience that make you a perfect candidate for the position.

Since it’s a question that a lot of hiring managers start with, it’s also a great chance to get started in the right direction. Here are some more tips for job interviews by People Dynamics Job consultancy in Qatar to assist you in preparing your answer:

What should you be careful not to do or say

A lot of job applicants are guilty of responding to this question using the topic of their personal life. They may even begin to recount their own personal life stories, beginning with their hometown and going up to the moment they graduate from college.

Others also provide details of the issues they face at work. In which they explain that they were not able to apply for the job. Because the supervisor is an over-the-top manager, or the employer doesn’t allow them to have flexible work schedules.

Many job seekers write a summary of their resume, taking step-by-step through their experience and educational history. Each of these three responses could send your new job plans to the side.

If you respond with one of the two above the hiring managers will consider it a red flag. It’s a sign that you’re not committed to the job or are trying to get out of an unpleasant situation at work.

If you choose the third option then you’re missing an opportunity. The interviewers will likely have read your resume prior to inviting you to an interview, and they won’t require you to go through the details.

Craft an elevator pitch

The most effective way to determine what to say “tell me about yourself,” is to ensure that you are concise and clear about why you’re perfect for the job you’re applying for and, importantly why you’re seeking to be considered for it.

Before you begin drafting your pitch, take an hour or two to read the job description on the advertisement advertising the job and look up the company. This way, you’ll have an understanding of what the recruiter is searching for in terms of experience and qualifications.

Then, you should write a brief screen that reviews your specific skills, strengths, and areas of specialization. You should include the reasons you’re applying for the position and focus on motivations related to your career like the desire to increase your knowledge and experience as well as take on more responsibility. Finish with a short paragraph explaining why this particular company appeals to you.

A solid example of a solution

Below is an illustration of a fantastic answer for “tell me about yourself” to a job-seeker seeking an administrative assistant job as a senior for a company that is clean energy by People Dynamics Recruitment agency.

“I’ve been employed in the field of administrative support for 3 years. My current position is as a finance officer for a mid-sized company. I am responsible for the scheduling, travel, and meeting schedule for four executives as well as 20 employees. I also assist in the preparation of documents, correspondence, and presentations.

“I’m well-known for being an organized and detail-oriented team player. I’m not late to deadlines and I’m a great communicator and can handle many tasks at once. In my reviews of performance, my boss always mentions that he is impressed by my dedication and professionalism to the work.

“With this work experience. I’m hoping to be within an organization such as yours which aims to make the world a better place and is something I’m enthusiastic about.”

A word of caution about how to respond to “tell me about yourself”

Be concise. Don’t waste time with your responses. You don’t need to share with the recruiter all the things you believe make you a top candidate. Give them a few pieces of information that can draw their attention to learning more about you. you’ll be able to get your meeting off to a positive beginning.

These are some more tips for job interviews by People Dynamics Job consultancy to help you out.