Know About The Development Costs And Features Of E-Learning Mobile App
Know About The Development Costs And Features Of E-Learning Mobile App
The education industry has witnessed complete transformation with online e-learning education mobile applications. It has helped students and teachers gain and impart knowledge without any location barrier.

The digital transformation has transformed almost every sector. Digitization has conquered all spheres of our lives. With the introduction of desktop apps, the scope for learning has extended and e-learning applications are gaining popularity

It is very easy to access the online education application through your Smartphone and start studying irrespective of the location. Interestingly, the apps comprise functionalities that allow you to access some functions offline like browsing through multiple courses without a stable internet connection.

These changes have brought in a revolution in the education sector. With smart classrooms, user-friendly, e-learning apps children can learn remotely without any hassles.

Advantages of E-Learning Mobile Apps

  • Easy to access

  • Economical learning experience

  • Efficient learning

  • Instant support from tutors

  • Convenient and active learning

Different types of E-Learning Apps

You will find different types of educational apps available. Let us explore the primary ones

1. E2C e-learning (Education to Consumers)

Here the students seeking educational courses are involved. Students from college, school, or university use e-learning apps to access the learning courses. Due to the rising interest of students, the need for e-learning mobile app development has seen a boost.

2. E2B e-Learning Apps (Education to Business/Corporate Training)

If you are into businesses willing to integrate incorporate a new training program into your business, then e-learning can help you save time and eliminate the need to arrange for physical classrooms.

Businesses can use the e-learning concept to educate their staff to enhance efficiency. E-learning also helps save time, energy, and money.

3. E2E – Education to Educators

Not just the students, but e-learning mobile apps have also helped the teachers grow along with students.

So, e-learning apps have not just helped the students but also offered the right platform for teachers to impart knowledge to the students across different locations. The tutors with some changes in their conventional way of teaching can adopt online teaching methods through E-learning app or distance education online application. These apps are convenient and have introduced flexible ways of teaching.

Why Invest In Building E-learning Mobile Apps?

Are you thinking of starting an online business? Well, an e-learning venture can be the best option to go with. You can easily cater to the increasing demand for online tutors and courses among students today.

Also, if you are already in the education sector or running an educational institution, then having an e-learning app would help you earn profits. You can invest in e-learning mobile app development to make quality content accessible for the students.

To seek assistance on app development solutions you can approach an e-learning app development company to build customized online education applications like

  • E-learning mobile apps

  • E-learning web apps

  • Educational AR/VR solutions

  • Student information system

How To Monetize Your E-learning App?

1. Subscription or Premium

To start with a subscription-based service you can launch the premium version of your e-learning app. Through the premium version, you can ask the users to pay to use some premium functionalities and features on your app.

2. Advertisement

Get in touch with external parties to advertise on your app. You can charge the advertisers a fee for the commission they receive for every product purchase or click.

3. In-App Purchases

You can make use of in-app purchases wherein some study materials or special courses come at a charge for the users.

Vital Features To Be Integrated Into E-Learning Mobile App

Let us have a look at some basic features to be integrated into online e-learning mobile apps during e-learning apps development

Features for Students Panel

  • Navigate through different subscription plans

  • Social Signup/Login

  • Pick & check available subjects

  • Payment for e-learning plan and courses


Features for Teacher Panel

  • Registration

  • Manage account settings

  • Push Notifications for student interaction

  • Create & Manage a detailed profile


Parents/Guardian Panel

  • Registration via social/email

  • Track student performance

  • Consult teachers via chat

  • Track course progress


Admin Panel Features

  • Manage subjects & courses

  • Manage teachers & students

  • Student information system management


What Would Be The cost For E-learning App Development?

When it comes to calculating e-learning app development cost some factors listed below can affect the cost significantly. So, let us know about them

1. The complexity of the App

The costs for e-learning app development depend on the functionalities you want to include in your app. The cost would be less if only basic features are integrated but the cost would be higher if you wish to include advanced features in your app

2. UI/UX Design for your App


It is one of the crucial factors that affect the final price of the app. if you plan to include images, advanced graphics etc it can increase the app cost.

3. Location of the Developer

The overall cost to create an e-learning app can vary with the location of the app development team you choose.

4. Platform Support

The final price of the app also varies with the platform targeted. For example, launching your app on iOS, Android, or both platforms.

Want To Get An Efficient And Scalable e-learning Mobile App Development Solution?

To create a scalable, interactive, and fully-functional e-learning app, you need an expert e-learning app development company. With Apps on Demand, you can get both experience and skills to work on your e-learning app development project. Share your requirements and we will analyze your requirements to offer robust solutions.

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