How To Calculate The Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App Like UberEats?
How To Calculate The Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App Like UberEats?
The online food ordering system has become the normal way of ordering food for us. Every restaurant is looking forward to cloning food delivery apps like UberEats to gain profits.

If you are into the restaurant or food delivery business, you can have a website that manages a single or chain of restaurants. On the other hand, you can create a Food Delivery App like UberEats to cater to the needs of several restaurants.

Why Are Food Delivery Apps Trending?

Well, it is because on-demand food delivery apps are gathering plenty of restaurants or food outlets just through a single platform. It means you can order food and enjoy your favorite cuisine ordered from your favorite restaurant. Also, an expert food delivery app development company helps build your app for the customers to order multiple cuisines.

So, the need to build a Food Delivery App like UberEatsis something that you may have thought of to gain profits like UberEats.

Why Build Food Delivery Apps Like UberEats?

With changing lifestyles, most of us want to order almost everything from the comfort of our house. When it comes to food we prefer ordering food online and enjoy eating at home rather than visiting the restaurant. This has resulted in utilizing a food delivery system to order food from outside.

In case you are planning to create a food delivery app, there are a few things to be considered. Firstly, the advantages of the on-demand food delivery app development, and secondly, the related costs.

How Does The Online Food Ordering Module Work?

If you are an enterprise or individual planning to have an app you need to connect with food services, restaurants, etc to offer plenty of options to the customers to select from.

Before you plan to develop an online food ordering platform you need to associate with food services.

The idea is to build a multi-restaurant food delivery app solution that several food services can utilize. The system should comprise of user’s location to help the customers pick the restaurant, food item, and delivery location.

Once the order is placed, the customer opts for different payment modes to make the payment. After the food order is accepted by the foodservice, the order is passed on to the delivery department for pickup and in turn delivered to the customer. After the order is delivered, the customers get a delivery report. The profit is divided between foodservice and app owner.

When it comes to building a food delivery app like UBerEats, you need to consider a few points. Certainly, you can build an app but you may make certain mistakes. Even a single mistake can cost you more which may result in delays in starting your business.

So, it is better to hire a food delivery app development company to get scalable apps.

Food Delivery App Development - Analysis, Features and Predictions of USA Market


The above image helps you understand the overall influence of food delivery market size in the year 2017-2022 in the USA

The market size clearly states that the food delivery market has enjoyed success even during corona pandemic times. This shows that people adopted the idea of ordering food ordering and showed trust in food delivery apps more than ever before.

Main Elements And Development Cost Pattern Of An App Like UberEats

Well, the development costs vary with different factors like

  • App Development company

  • The complexity of the App

  • Features

  • Functionalities

  • Development time

  • Hiring model, you choose to hire developers like hourly/fixed, etc

To build a food delivery app like UberEatsthe app development company needs to develop four different apps and they are

  • Consumer App

  • Merchant App

  • Courier App

  • Admin Panel

Below is a timeline on how the developments are executed simultaneously:

1. Customer App

This app comprises functionality that allows the users to select and buy goods from cafes, restaurants, and stores.

2. Courier App

This app comprises functionality that enables the courier to receive new orders, check order details and carry out the order delivery.

3. Merchant App

This app is optional. In this app, basic features like adding store details, managing products, and tracking orders are included.

4. Admin Panel

The panel comprises all the elements related to app functioning like manage orders, stores, couriers, and customers.


Performance of Food Delivery Apps in March 2021: Sales Figures


Before you start calculating the cost of building a food delivery app like UberEats, let us just take a look into the current sales performance. The infographic helps you know the success of food delivery business through sales performance in March 2021

How To Get The Approximate Cost Of Developing A Food Delivery App?

If you want to get an approximate cost to build an app like UberEats, you need to follow a process. Here is the process you can follow

1. Pre-Development Stage

Every mobile apps development starts with the pre-development stage wherein you can define the scope of the development project. At this stage, you need to know about the relevant product and the appropriate audience. At this stage, you can get a clear idea of the user's needs.

2. Designing

After the specifications are ready the team of designers starts working on UI design for your apps. This will give you an idea about the look and feel of your customer, courier, and merchant app. Certainly, the design of an online food delivery app is the UI design that needs to be appealing.

3. Development

Once you are fine with the UI design and visuals of your app, the team will start with coding the back-end of your app. This stage involves using different technology stacks used to code. With agile techniques, the app development firm can accelerate the development process and deliver a perfect app

4. Launch

Lastly, the app is prepared for release and backed with changes for improvement and bug fixation.


Giant players like UberEats have created their identity in the food delivery sector. Still, you can explore many opportunities in the food delivery business. You need to make sure that you consider different factors to calculate the costs to build a food delivery app like UberEats and hire an expert food delivery app development company to do the job to reach a specific audience through your app.

If you want to develop a scalable food delivery app like UberEats then get in touch with X-Byte Enterprise Solutions to get an app that helps you explore the new opportunities in the food delivery business. Our expert team will help you scale your business. Request for a free quote to know the development cost for UberEats like app


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