How many days are needed to visit varanasi
How many days are needed to visit varanasi
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The city which is beautiful fully filled with temples and devotees. People from several corners of the world visit the city and worship the very old and powerful kasi vishwanath temple.

So, I and my family visited varanasi. We stayed there for one week.

We visited several places in varanasi in that week.

  • Kasi vishwanath temple, of course.
  • Shri annapurna mandir
  • Shri kashi vishalakshi Mata shaktipeet temple.

And many more ….

The food is pretty tasty in varanasi.

Then we went to ganga harathi on the banks of ganga river. No doubt, it was overwhelming.

Next drive was to allahabad. The places we covered in adilabad were:

We came back to varanasi and chilled a bit for a day and returned home.

So, You need atleast week to visit varanasi if you are a first time visitor like me .