High-Pressure Industrial Homogenizer || Genizer Machinery
High-Pressure Industrial Homogenizer || Genizer Machinery
Genizer™ located in technology park of Irvine in great Los Angeles, is dedicated to advancing homogenizer nanotechnology. We provide high pressure homogenizer, liposome extruder, sanitary heat exchanger, diamond interaction chamber and high pressure gauge compatible for other brands of high pressure homogenizer, pump and microfluidizer.

High-pressure industrial homogenizer, which is one among the foremost important requirements of recent production lines, A purely mechanical process, high Homogenization, maybe a sort of non-thermal process performing at a pressure range of 100-300 M Pa. Homogenization process is usually utilized in food industry specifically in the dairy sector for stabilization of the emulsion. Though homogenization process is long established in the food industry but is additionally evidently utilized in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and chemical industries also.





To understand how the homogenization process stabilizes the emulsion it's necessary to know what emulsion is. Emulsions comprise a mixture of immiscible liquids, which are present in two different phases- dispersed particles (droplet) and continuous phases.

The need for high homogenization was to supply more consistent suspension and to urge smaller mean droplet diameter. Here the energy density equals the pressure drop by the disruption unit. In conventional homogenization process, the pressure wont to break the droplet molecules are 5-50 M Pa and in High Pressure Homegenizer the used pressure is around 100-300 M Pa. To optimize end in accordance to the necessity of process force are often customized and it also provides an option between hot and cold homogenization hence lowering the probabilities of product contamination. Desirable droplet sizing depends highly on flow pattern which successively determines the droplet breakup. aside from providing emulsion stabilization it also has applications in cell disruption, micro/Nano emulsions, dispersion, particle size reduction, and lots more.


Homogenizers are manufactured with the equipment, pressure value and capacity, valve designs, and material selection specific to the industry they're going to be utilized in . Genizer Machine has facilities and experienced staff which will produce homogenizers that meet the capacity requirement for various use areas in various industries.

High Pressure Homogenizer



Genizer Industrial Homogenizers are manufactured using innovative, customizable, with high strength and abrasion resistance that make sure the highest quality and performance in the least times.

Product Features:

  • Crankcase with an openable top for easy maintenance
  • Two-Stage Homogenizing Head. (Manual / Hydraulic operated)
  • Cooling mechanism safety interlocking.
  • Acid Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used to make all contact parts.
  • Imported Stellite, Tungsten Carbide, or Alloy Steel materials are used to make Valve Assembly.
  • Plungers made of special hardened steel with a super finished surface
  • Sanitary Design for CIP Cleaning.
  • Imported Digital type Pressure Gauge with safety interlocking.
  • Plungers are made of special hardened steel with a smooth finished surface.
  • Integrated Sanitary Design for Cleaning In Place.
  • Imported Digital type Pressure Gauge with safety interlocking mechanism
  • Plunger seals consist of single V-ring packing, Chevron packing made of special food-grade material.



  • Nanodispersions, nanoemulsions, and nanotube
  • Cell Disruption
  • Micro/nanoencapsulation in polymers, liposomes, and oils
  • Solid dispersion and suspension, Deagglomeration


  • Energy-efficient, 1/2 energy loss of the most homogenizers
  • Small (Integrated design delivers the lightweight and small dimensions)
  • Smart (Programming control systems confer diligent functions: Controlled inlet volume±0.1mL; Auto stop with time/volume)
  • Silent (Noiseless performance )
  • Strong (More than 100 mL/min at 30,000 psi)
  • CE compliant and RoHs compliant

Dairy Advantages:

  • Improve product stability
  • ubsides the cream layer
  • Lower curd tension
  • Increases Viscosity
  • Enhances whiteness richness to the product
  • Smoothens texture of the product
  • Richer Taste
  • Rapid Whipping


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