Best Dietician in India | Food To Keep You Warm This Winter
Best Dietician in India | Food To Keep You Warm This Winter
This food can let you enjoy your winter

Nature has its own way to keep the body warm. Certain foods have a warming effect on our body which is known as diet-induced thermogenesis, while few are suitable for the season. Here are they :


• Til: Both black and white til are well known to provide heat after digestion so include its chikki or laddos[preferably with jaggery] and gajak in your diet.
• Amla has the highest content of vitamin C. 100gms of amla has 600mg of vitamin C. Nuts rich in selenium and vitamin E are great mood lifters
• Natural live yogurt contains active living bacterial culture which is vital for good digestion and boosts the immune system also.
• Natural sweetener like honey, jaggery, and fruit sugar is preferred instead of refined sugar. Honey is helpful against infection and diseases.
• Fish and eggs provide vitamin D as well as essential fatty acids to keep us warm.
• Seeds like sunflower seeds provide heat after digestion.
• Use of Spices like turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, and fenugreek seeds are beneficial.
• Have seasonal fruits and vegetables in abundance for vitamins and minerals.
• Increase your liquid intake in form of herbal tea and hot vegetable soups with herbs.
• Include good carbs like whole grain whole wheat, jowar, bajra, jau, ragi, or brown rice. Lack of iron makes you feel cold, bajra is rich in iron.