Best Dietician In India | A Cup Of Health
Best Dietician In India | A Cup Of Health
It fights cancer cells. It works in different ways to block the formation and growth of malignant tumors.

A good cup of tea makes our day. Tea is a popular beverage for many especially Indians. But green tea has been found with several health secrets, also confirmed by the Chinese and Japanese.

Black, oolong, and green tea all come from the leaves of Camellia Sinesis.. But we wonder that…. what’s the difference?

The difference lies in the way they are processed. The leaves of green tea are steamed which prevents the anti-oxidant compound from being oxidized. In contrast, the other tea leaves are made from fermented leaves to increase their shelf life.


Over the last few decades, green tea has undergone many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its health benefits.
The presence of Catechin polyphenol esp. EGCg ( epigallocatechin gallate), a powerful antioxidant makes green tea so special read more.