Bag-in-boxes are containers that are used to transport liquids
Bag-in-boxes are containers that are used to transport liquids
Bag-in-box containers are commonly used for the delivery of liquid products. It contains a bladder or a plastic bag composed of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that sits inside the fiberboards.

The packaging business has played a critical role in environmental cleanup efforts, particularly since the rise of the e-Commerce industry. With regulatory agencies and customers expressing a need for environmentally safer and more sustainable packaging, an increasing number of packaging companies are experimenting with new materials and types of environmentally friendly packaging.

Bag-in-box containers are rapidly gaining popularity as a viable alternative to rigid packaging solutions, which were formerly the workhorse of the packaging industry. Bag-in-box containers have emerged as an economical style of packaging that allows enterprises to reduce their carbon impact. Leading players in the bag-in-box containers industry are capitalising on this trend to promote their products and establish a new brand identity.


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