The world-over, there has been plenty of study of highly successful people and some repetitive patterns have emerged from their life stories. Understanding what worked for them helps us to emulate certain aspects of their mindset that led them to success. Having a success mindset is like a rock solid entity that never falters. Doubt, complacency, selfish motives have no place in this world.

Unless one develops this rocksolid success mindset, success keeps eluding.This success mindset doesn’t come inherent in everybody. Our upbringing, the culture and the values of our families and society impact our mindset. If these are strong and positive, you’ve already reached halfway through. If they’re not, you need to identify what wouldn’t work and eliminate those attributes. Don’t inherit what is wrong. Replace them with what works. The attitude of ‘I am like that only’ fails to serve any purpose. These attributes of a success mindset don’t really change with times. They’re timeless. These are the same ones that worked for successful kings of the yore and the business leaders of today.

1. That display of Confidence

Much has been said about confidence but is still underrated. Successful people are confident about their ventures. Much of this confidence stems out of their capabilities and preparedness. A well planned, well assessed project, executed under able people almost always leads to success.

Lack of confidence shows in the way one walks and talks. It also casts a shadow on your decisions and your interactions with team members who unfailingly sense it. Play to win, not to avoid losing. The choice of words, the body language and the smile on the face speak for themselves. Use positive words. Negative feedback can also be given in positive encouraging words. Be consistent in your tone, demeanor and attitude.

2. All it takes is time

Each one of us has exactly 24 hours to use. Then why is it that some people manage to accomplish more in this time than others? That’s because they plan well. Great men understand the importance of time and hence try hard not to waste it. They sleep less. 

If you track the sleep timings of great political and business leaders, you will see that they barely sleep for 4 to 5 hours. They are early risers. They delegate a lot of work and know to say no to things that do not matter. This sieving of priorities takes some efforts but saves a lot of time.

3. Being Social Oriented

Businesses are a miniature version of life. Just like life poses new challenges every day, so also businesses require you to find solutions to new problems. Rather than harping on the gravity of the problem, try to find solutions. However big the matter at hand, there can always be a solution that works. 

If you do not know, ask around, consult, seek help, but find it as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the problem to aggravate which can result in a downward spiral many times. Train your team to spot problems in the bud and find solutions, however bizarre they may seem at first.

4. Running Behind Money

Ah! Those figures in the banks you dreamt of seeing fattening. Now that they’ve started to grow, all you can think of is more. Pursuing money never quite makes you richer. When your focus shifts on earning money, you start thinking on growth because all said and done, money makes a person greedy. 

Instead, pursuing solutions and focusing on goals results in money becoming the outcome, not the goal. Growth motivates such individuals. Read more....