If you’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle, your mind is full of guilt for not having the time to exercise. You feel bad for all those times you knew you shouldn’t but dug into a sumptuous burger or that sumptuous cheese pizza and slurped all those fizzy drinks that were beyond temptation. But now when you see yourself, you know it’s time you do something about it, and fast!

Overweight is something that I’ve struggled with for several years now. Every now and then, I constantly keep asking myself this question – realistically, how much weight can I lose in a week? I ask this to myself so I can make a projection and see how much I would lose in a month or in a quarter or in a year. You visualize yourself to be a lean, fit person who can then flaunt all those trendy garments that you never touched all these years. Did you also see people turning back and throwing glances? Well, you’ve reached too far then!

Begin with a week’s plan for best results. If you’ve been overweight all your life, it gets difficult to shed weight quickly. But if you know it’s been a recent addition, changes in lifestyle are also easy to incorporate. Experts warn of trying too hard to lose weight too fast. Not only does it affect your metabolism and your heart, it also shows up as loose skin you would never want in the bargain. It’s very important to understand your body type before trying to lose weight. The standards set in by the media are mostly unrealistic for all. Some people have more muscle mass and hence weigh heavy but look thin. Some bodies store water in excess and hence they weigh light but look heavy. Get yourself tested for your Body Mass Index (BMI) which is an accurate measure of how much you should ideally weigh for your height and age. Calorie intake is different for both men and women. Ideally, women must consume around 1200 calories while men need about 1600 per day. When you consume that much and shed as much, it results in a weight loss of about a kilo per week. That’s a good 4 kilos a month. Anything higher than this could have drastic impact on your health.

Start small, stay steady

That is the key to achieve your weekly goals of losing weight. Many people make the mistake of lofty goals like a few kilos per week which is an unrealistic target. Our body not being accustomed to all the turmoil, goes into defensive mode and starts storing fat in full gusto. Then when you see no significant difference, you’re left crestfallen and you tend to give up as quickly as you started.  It’s always advisable to have a buddy to begin with. Get your friend(s) to start with you so you know you’re not alone. Read more...