5 Best Role Of Mobile Spy Apps In Preventing Cyberbullying and Harassment
5 Best Role Of Mobile Spy Apps In Preventing Cyberbullying and Harassment
Cyberbullying and harassment are not uncommon in today’s generation. We definitely see a lot of it online.

A 2018 research on cyberbullying has found that 59% of teenagers experience some form of cyberbullying and cyber harassment at least once. This number correlates with the percentage of teenagers suffering from mental health issues because of cyberbullying, which stands at 27%.

But is there any way to prevent it? Yes, there is! And the solution is mobile spy apps.  

Mobile spy apps are like windows from where you can see what exactly is going on in your kid’s online life. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it does play a big role in showing the root cause of your child’s mental distress.

This blog uncovers the 5 best roles of mobile spy apps in effectively preventing cyberbullying and online harassment.

Let’s dive right into it!

Impact of Cyberbullying and Harassment

Cyberbullying and online harassment can severely impact an individual’s quality of life and overall well-being. 

Below are some points which explain the impact of cyberbullying and harassment on people:


1.    Mental/Psychological Impact

Cyberbullying and harassment lead to tension, anxiety, and stress in one’s life. The constant negativity that cyberbullying produces makes an individual feel vulnerable and powerless, which turns into feelings of worthlessness.


2.    Emotional Impact

Cyberbullying and harassment cause an individual to feel overwhelmed with mixed emotions like guilt, shame, or embarrassment. They are terrified and worried about their situation, and they often feel confused about the decision they should make.

3.    Physical Impact

Physical health issues are a common problem that comes alongside mental health issues. When cyberbully victims face intense stress, fear, and anxiety, it automatically affects their bodily systems, such as bowels, appetite, insomnia, etc.


4.    Behavioral Impact

Online harassment and cyber threats can take up major turns in an individual’s behavior. With the psychological impact, the victim’s behavior will change as their overall well-being will be unbalanced.

5.    Social Impact

Cyberbullying and harassment lead to significant changes in one’s social life. With the jumbled-up emotions and feelings, the victim may withdraw from certain activities and social interactions. This can further lead impact on relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

6.    Academic and Career Impact

Cyberbullying significantly disrupts one’s comfort and prosperity by making the person dull and stressed. This, in turn, will affect their academic performance and professional career as the victim will withdraw themselves from activities that require effort.

What are Mobile Spy Apps?

Mobile spy apps are software applications that can be downloaded on a target device, allowing another person to track and control the device’s activities remotely.


Mobile spy apps involve a variety of monitoring features, such as call logs, photos, videos, text messages, files, browsing history, and GPS location.


Parents widely use mobile spy apps to spy on their kid’s online activities. These applications are an excellent way for parents to be aware of their child’s online and social media actions. This helps parents to prevent their children from harmful and inappropriate content.


Some of the best mobile spy apps are, mSpy, uMobix, Hoverwatch, and Cocospy.

How Mobile Spy Apps Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying and Harassment?

Mobile spy apps can help prevent cyberbullying and harassment in more than one way. Here are some of them.

1.    Monitoring social media activity

Mobile spy apps help track all the social media data on a targeted device. They effectively track someone’s social media usage, messages, and social media activity.

This monitoring feature of mobile spy apps is specifically designed for parents to monitor their kid’s activities. Monitoring social media apps helps parents to identify and be aware of any offensive, abusive, or explicit online harassment that their kids might be experiencing. 

Thus, mobile spy apps allow users to access and remotely control a targeted mobile phone's social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


2.    Accessing location information

One of the popular features of mobile spy apps is their GPS location tracking. Mobile spy apps help to locate one’s whereabouts accurately and effectively.  They do this through Wi-Fi and cellular network signals.

Mobile spy apps are designed to access a device’s location data without the owner’s knowledge. They create reports about the device’s recently visited locations, previous locations, and frequent areas.

Furthermore, mobile spy apps also offer a geo-fencing feature where the user can set virtual boundaries around specific areas. They will get notified when the targeted device enters or leaves a particular boundary.


3.    Tracking text messages and calls

Mobile spy apps can monitor activities like incoming and outgoing calls and sms texts. This feature helps to prevent cyberbullying and harassment by notifying users about any inappropriate messages or threatening content that the targeted person might be receiving.

4.    Monitoring app usage

The other best role of mobile spy apps is their usage tracking and usage control features. With this characteristic, a parent can efficiently control their child’s cell phone usage. 

Mobile spy apps are designed in such a way that they can trace and record device information like app usage.

Additionally, mobile spy apps offer app-blocking features as well. For example- in, users can block harmful applications from the targeted device to prevent kids and teenagers from possible threats, bullying, and harassment.


5.    Alerting parents or guardians of suspicious activity

Mobile spy apps have a special alert design where the app sends alerts of any suspicious or doubtful activity, such as the exchange of explicit photos and videos on the child’s gadget. They alert parents or guardians through notifications, text messages, and emails.


How to use mobile spy apps effectively?

Using a mobile spy app comes with great responsibility and management. There are various things mobile spy app users should keep in mind, which are explained below:


1.    Choose a reliable and authentic mobile spy app:

Every mobile spy app has its strengths and drawbacks. Thus, it's essential to research and chooses the best one that is convenient for your needs.

Start by reviewing the features of available mobile spy apps and select the most trustworthy one.


2.    Follow the app’s instructions carefully:

There are certain app requirements like payments and verification processes that users must fulfill.

Thus, you have to make sure that you set up the mobile spy app correctly and follow all the directions and instructions provided by the mobile spy app. 

3.    Learn the mobile spy app’s features:

The next step is to acquaint yourself with the app’s features and tools. You have to adjust properly to the spy app to use it comfortably.


Familiarizing yourself with the app will ensure you’re utilizing its features to their fullest. Thus, learning to adapt to the app’s shortcuts and hacks is a plus point.


4.    Regularly update the app:

Mobile spy apps are known to upgrade their features and add new components to their app. Users must regularly check the app for possible updates and upgrade their mobile spy account for a better spying experience.


5.    Apply the legal and ethical considerations when using the app:

It’s essential to be aware of legal and ethical issues like violation of privacy, informed consent, and deception before using mobile spy apps. These apps can have negative consequences and risks if certain ethics are not followed.


Wrapping up the blog, we can conclude that cyberbullying and harassment have a serious negative impact on one’s life. It can impair one’s lifestyle and well-being. Such disruption of peace in a cyberbullying victim’s life will cause them to withdraw from activities they love to do.


One of the beneficial solutions in preventing cyberbullying is mobile spy apps. Mobile spy apps help parents and schools keep track of children's online activities. They are designed discreetly so the targeted user is unaware of their mobile phone being tracked.


The use of mobile spy apps will help your child avoid inappropriate and explicit content. Thus, mobile spy apps promote a safe online experience and healthy online communication.


In a nutshell, mobile spy apps are a great tool that helps promote online safety and contribute to an individual’s overall well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


1.    Why choose mobilespy apps for parental control?

Mobile spy apps are the right choice for parents who want to monitor their children remotely and secretly. Mobilespy apps offer features such as monitoring calls and texts, keylogger, web browser history, GPS tracking, screen time management, and others which are helpful in ensuring your kid’s safety online.


2.    Which is the best mobilespy app for parental control? is undoubtedly the best parental control app. offers solutions for parents, schools, and even businesses. Some of’s features are:

     Monitor calls, texts, social media, photos, videos, and location

     Geofence alert

     Uninstall alert

     WiFi keylogger

     Application usage

     Application screentime


3.    Is it necessary to warn my child about cyberbullying?


Yes, parents need to sit down and talk about the online world and the threats it poses. Sit down with your kid and talk to them about cyberbullies and victims of cyberbullying, and let them know about the safety measure they could take if they’ve been bullied online.