Best online mattress Birmingham, West Midland
Best online mattress Birmingham, West Midland
Alongside being a leading furniture store, beds4nights is known for quality online mattress which reflect hybrid style with a combination of pocket spring with memory foam technology that ensures them to be soft and supportive, both, at the same time. Whatever category of sleeper you fall in, we have a mattress that suit you, and multiple bed frames.

Benefits of a Firm Mattress

According to the National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, people with sleep deficiency have a greater risk of many health complications, including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and obesity.
Apart from research, individuals have experienced that good sleep is an important element to maintain good health. 
With a renewed & increased focus on overall wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, we have realized that online mattress and pillows play an important role in providing a night of good sleep and rest that heals. 
Firm mattresses are recognized as the best type among the vast collection available in the market today. 
The main factor that labels a mattress as good & ideal is its effect on spine health. Naturally, the spine has three slight curves, and when the firm mattress provides the right support to the spine while holding the mattress in a neutral position. 
Ideally, a perfect mattress should not let you feel any pressure at all and relax muscles, enhance sleep quality & improve posture. The firm mattresses have all these qualities. Firm mattresses never leave you waking up with discomfort and back pain while offering comfort to your spine & joints. 
On a superficial level, soft mattresses may offer a more cozy & comfy sleep in comparison to firm mattresses but that lasts only for some time. Here we are with some of the benefits of firm mattresses that make them the most preferable mattress, especially when you are a health-centric individual. 

Supports the spine and eliminates back pain

The firm mattress backs the natural curves of your spine appropriately and keeps the back in a neutral position. This relieves back pain and offers comfortable sleep throughout the night. 
A firm mattress also protects your lower back from collapsing, which leads to a better intake of oxygen while sleeping. 

Uniform distribution of weight

Firm mattresses are less sagging resulting in equal or uniform distribution of the body weight. This means none of the body parts will have to bear the brunt of the pressure. This helps in better body relaxation & recharge and so a refreshing morning each day. 
In contrast to it, if you are using soft mattresses, your body weight does not get distributed evenly and this leads to improper alignment to body muscles & joints and insufficient support to the body. 
You can sit and test the firmness of the mattress, soft mattresses will not let your get up comfortably. 

Minimal motion transfer

On a superficial level, the softer mattress can initially feel comfortable but later you may find yourself tossing & turning for a comfortable position. A firm mattress offers the right support and thus reduces the toss and turn. A person can’t sink into a firm mattress or a memory foam mattress, especially with a pocket spring base, and thus can have a better quality of sleep. 

Health Benefits

Firm mattresses offer healthy sleep and if you take eight hours of undisturbed sleep, your body starts rejuvenating & repairing itself. During sleep, the self-healing process and hormones of the body get more activated. The whole process during deep sleep offers amazing health benefits. 

Comfortable for all

People with multiple sleep styles easily adapt to the firm mattress as it easily meets the different sleeping requirements of various types of sleepers like side-sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.
Firm mattresses are especially better for back-sleepers because they get a more stable and even surface. Stomach sleepers also feel better on firmer mattresses. 
Soft mattresses trigger lower backaches because of the gap that is left between the mattress and the lower lumbar region.

Less pressure on Circulatory System & more oxygen intake

Firm mattresses reduce pressure on the circulatory system of the body and enhance oxygen intake during sleep. 
If you sleep on a firmer surface, the bones of the body absorb most of the pressure which leads to less stress on muscles, arteries & veins. Muscles are not strained much and circulation is enhanced which ultimately leads to improved blood flow within the body.

More durable and long-lasting

Firm mattresses are sturdy and non-sagging. This, in turn, ensures that the mattress has higher durability. All types of mattresses become softer over a while, so if you start with firm mattresses, they become softer and easy-usable after a shorter time, providing excellent durability with a softer feel.
By taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, you can easily make out the benefits of firm mattresses. You should purchase a firm mattress that is suitable for your body. The mattress you buy should not be too firm and uncomfortable. Opt for a medium firm mattress that offers you sufficient support in a neutral position and provides comfort to your back & the rest of your body. Aside from the support to the spine, your muscles will not be strained due to sagging.
Beds4nights offers an exclusive and extensive range of firm mattresses that offers a higher level of support to the back and the rest of the body. Our mattresses are quality-qualified and recommended by doctors. 
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