Best mini refrigerator under 6000 prices
Best mini refrigerator under 6000 prices
Here you can find the best mini fridge under 6000 with specifications, Pros & Cons so that you can quickly identify the best product for the home. It is used in cars also for an outing with both cooler & warmer functionalities.

Best refrigerator below 6000 prices

Best refrigerator below  6000 prices

Top mini refrigerators below 6000

Review Of The Best Mini Refrigerators Available Under 6000 Rupees.


Top 5 mini fridge prices below 6000


Mini fridge under 6000 prices is the most popular among users. It is the best choice between car owners and people who love to go on vacation. This refrigerator is portable so that anyone can hold it in their hands. Even children can easily carry a mini-fridge. Many brands manufacture mini-refrigerators in India.


Our team searches for the 5 best choices that satisfy the user in any prospect. First, we check the product online or somewhere else as human beings. Maybe while we are confused when buying, don't be hesitant as we all know that there is much difference between a standard and a mini-refrigerator. Mini fridges have their benefits & uses. So first, we see the benefits of refrigerators, then we talk about the top 5 mini refrigerator with a price below 6000.


Top mini refrigerator in India under 6k:


1- Tropicool PortaChill Black 5 L Car Refrigerator Chiller Cum Warmer:

The 5-litre water-filled mini-fridge from Tropical has a simple design, and it acts in the dual function, i.e. cooling and warming both. These are ideal for storing medication, insulin, dairy products, and fresh fruit.


The AC and DC cord makes it suitable for home and car. There was a significant rise in convenience stores and grocery stores in the US. Grocery stores became known as supermarkets because they carried a wider variety of products than before.


Product details:



Model: ‎PC-05-Black

Colour: Black

Volume: 5 litres

Dimension: ‎25.5 x 21 x 26.5 cm

Item weight: 2 kg 900 gram

Origin: China


Special features:

  • Suitable for use in cars and at home
  • Temperature between 5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Using single thermoelectric technology


2. SHREVI IMPEX Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator Mini Fridge:

This portable mini-refrigerator is a product of SHREVI IMPEX that comes with different benefits. For example, it is energy-saving and eco-friendly, and it also has low noise and low pollution features.


Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around the house or in the car. Besides storing food, people can use this refrigerator for storing other stuff.


Product details:

Brand: SHREVI Impex

Colour: Multi-colour

Volume: 7 litres

Dimension: 24x 24x 12 cm

Item weight: 860 g

Origin: China


Special features:

  • You can warm it up to 65°C or cool it down to 5°C, ideal for drinks, snacks, and camping meals.
  • It is convenient to plug into the cigarette lighter in your car
  • ABS body material and electronic component. 


3. Kthree mini fridge under 6000:

This mini-refrigerator from Kthree has a capacity of 7 litres. Furthermore, it also provides cooling and warming effects and good storage space for foods and beverages. The main benefit of this product is its portability.


Milk, meat, medicine, cold drinks and beer fit perfectly in it. Compact and lightweight, it is ideal for the car and offers high convenience.


Product details:


Brand: Kthree

Colour: Light blue

Volume: 7 litres

Item weight: 1.450 kg

Origin: India


Special features:

  • On the bottom, there are 4 anti-slip foot pads
  • Warm it up to 65°C, or cool it down to 5°C, ideal for drinks, snacks, and meals when camping
  • You can place it on your car's backseat or even on the floor.


4. ELNIXA Multi-Function Auto Car Mini Fridge Cooler Warmer for Travel Lover:


The Big Gulp is a 7.5 L (2 gallons) bottle that can hold your favourite drinks. The high-quality ABS material ensures durability and safety, and it's perfect for camping, picnics, road trips etc.


One end of the cord inserted into the socket of the refrigerator box and the other side into the car's cigarette lighter.


Don't change the warming mode to cooling immediately. You need to turn the switch off for atleast 30 minutes. ELNIXA is one of the best mini refrigerator price below 6000. It is mainly used during travels, road trips, etc


Product details:



Model: ‎‎car refrigerator

Colour: Blue

Volume: 7.5 L

Dimension: ‎12.6 x 7.1 x 11.8 cm

Input voltage: 12V DC

Origin: India


Special features:

  • Around 10 degrees Celsius for cooling and about 60 degrees for heating
  • Silent internal thermoelectric fan
  • Lightweight and durable construction


5. Tropicool PC05W PC-05 Portable Chiller cum Warmer:

This refrigerator is another brand of Tropicool with a 5L capacity. Includes AC and DC cords for use at home and in the car.


The perfect way to store your cold beverages at work, Also can store medicine or insulin carriers, fresh fruits, dairy products, and baby food.


Product details:


Model: ‎‎PC-05

Colour: White

Volume: 5 litres

Dimension: ‎25.5 x 21 x 26.5 cm

Item weight: 540 gram

Origin: China


Special features:

  • The temperature range is between 5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees celsius
  • Using a Single thermoelectric technology
  • When pre-cooled for an hour before use, this product will keep your food, drinks, and medicines fresh for a long time without spoiling.
  • This product comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, covering all manufacturing & quality defects.



As discussed, the mini-fridges under 6000 have unique features to understand the mini-refrigerator better. If you want to buy any of the product, check whether it is available or not on Amazon, Flipcart. Sometimes, check the price before purchasing; the products rate is mismatching due to some add-ons & updates in the mini-refrigerators. So as per the demand of the mini-fridge, you have to check all the things personally.