Tasty Pasta Snacks for the Weekend Party
Tasty Pasta Snacks for the Weekend Party
Read recipes of Tasty Pasta Snacks for the Weekend Party that are very awesome. Enjoy with your family and prepare these recipes that will simply lick off the last bit from their plates. These pasta dishes are easy to digest and great to have. There are no harmful preservatives and chemicals that do not lead to harm your health. Serve them to both adults & kids, so that everyone is sure to enjoy. Read Below!

Who can ever say no to a bowl of pasta? The answer is, no one! Most people are fond of pasta but their preference for the preparations might change. So, when you are planning to host a weekend party for your family, friends or colleagues this weekend, you need not worry about the menu at all. With these quick but extremely tasty recipes discussed here, you are sure to win the hearts of your guests. You just need to begin your pursuit of preparing the pasta dishes by buying the best quality pasta from a top pasta wholesale dealer in India. And just to make the process of cooking the dishes quicker, you need to ensure that you have all the required ingredients ready at hand. 


  1. Pasta with broccoli in sour cream

Take a bowl of pasta and boil it until tender. Buy fresh broccoli and cut small flowers from it. Wash the broccoli and keep them aside. Next, in a big bowl add sour cream, salt, sugar and black pepper. Beat the sour cream thoroughly until soft peaks appear. Cover it with a lid and keep it aside. Now, take a wok and put olive oil in it, add some crushed cloves of garlic and saute for a few seconds. When it turns aromatic add the broccoli. Fry them for a while and you can make them grow tender by covering the wok with a lid. As the broccoli turns tender, turn off the flame. Add the cooked pasta, sprinkle dried or fresh herbs of your choice, salt and chilli flakes. Mix it all together and cover it with a lid. 


After 15 minutes you will notice that the pasta, bought from the best pasta wholesale dealer in India, has absorbed the aroma of the broccoli and all the herbs. You need not cook the pasta on high flame because it is already tender and cooking it for longer will make it soggy. Now, pour the mixture into the same bowl in which you had whisked the sour cream. Mix the ingredients well until the broccoli and the pasta are well coated with the sour cream. Serve in a bowl with some grated cheese and crushed black pepper on the top. 


  1. One-pot pasta with vegetables and herbs 

Are you expecting a big group this weekend? Then you must try out this one-pot pasta recipe. Not only is it quick but also healthy. And the best part is that you can prepare this item with any vegetables that you can purchase from the market. So, let us get started!

Take a packet of pasta of your choice and chop the commonly available vegetables like tomatoes, capsicums, carrot, potato, french beans, green chillies, onions, spring onions, spinach, etc. Now, take a big pot or wok (as per its availability) and take a good amount of olive oil and some butter. When the butter begins to melt, add chopped garlic and saute for a while. When it turns aromatic, add chopped ginger and green chillies. Put some cherry tomatoes and add salt and sugar. When the cherries turn tender, put in the other vegetables and fry for a while. Then add fresh herbs and chilli flakes. Add the pasta, purchased from the top pasta wholesale dealer in India, in it and add a little amount of oil. Cover it with a lid and cook. 


After 10 minutes or so, just check if the vegetables have left enough water for the pasta to cook properly. If you see that the water is insufficient, you can add a cup of fresh milk to enrich its flavours. Cover it with a lid once again and let it prepare on low flame for another 10 to 15 minutes. Check the salt, sugar and spiciness of the dish. Add fresh herbs if you want more flavours or you can garnish the dish with the herbs when serving. When the pasta and the vegetables have cooked well, turn off the flame. Add cheese of your choice into the pot and when it melts, give the dish a gentle mix. Serve hot with some grated cheese on top.


  1. Crunchy pasta chips 

Just buy the top-quality pasta from the best pasta wholesale dealer in India to prepare this simple and tasty snack item. For this recipe, you must use a small-sized pasta for the ease of frying. Take penne or macaroni pasta and cook them in hot water with a good amount of salt. When the pasta turns tender, just drain the water and keep it aside. Wait till the pasta turns semi-dry. Add salt, ground sugar, chilli powder, oregano and cornflour. Toss it all properly so that each piece of pasta is coated well with the ingredients. In a wok, put butter and olive oil. Fry the pasta in small batches and take them out when they turn brown. Serve hot with tomato ketchup.


Now, aren’t these recipes tantalizing? They certainly are. You are sure to enjoy preparing these recipes and everyone will simply lick off the last bit from their plates. These dishes are great to have and are easy to digest. You can never go wrong with these recipes since no harmful preservatives or chemicals are included. Feed them to both adults and kids, and everyone is sure to enjoy them.