Importance of Salt & what is Pink Himalayan Salt?
Importance of Salt & what is Pink Himalayan Salt?
Himalayan Pink Salt is different from other salts because its source is purely natural and it is an organic product.

Himalayan Pink Salt is different from other salts because its source is purely natural and it is an organic product. It is hand crafted from Khewra Salt Mine located near the foot hills of Himalayas in Pakistan. It is its natural harvesting process that Himalayan Salt possess sustain many other minerals and trace elements. These minerals and trace elements are the core of Himalayan Pink Salt.

A complete study and analysis claims that Pure Himalayan Salt bulk consist upon 84 other essential mineral rather than of Sodium Chloride. These 84 minerals are iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc etc. Its unique pink color is also because of presence of iron and cooper in it.

Composition of Pink Himalayan salt

Basically like other salts Pink Himalayan salt also consist upon Sodium and chloride, the main components of any salt. But it is said about the Pure Pink salt that due to the long preservation of salt under the layers of ground Himalayan salt has been blessed by many other nutrimental elements that are very important for human health and also for other animals and plants.

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt bulk


There is vast range of the benefits of Himalayan Salt bulk. Its benefits are not just confined to human being but also covers animals and plants. Let’s explore some of its benefits.

Add flavors to our Food

There is not taste without salt. Himalayan Pink Salt bless our Food and daily recipes a salty taste. It add flavors to our foods.  

Hyponatremia and Himalayan Salt wholesale.

Pure Himalayan salt wholesale of Himalayas balances the ratio of sodium in the blood and avoid the serious causes that can be happen because of Hyponatremia which is a serious complication occurs due to lower ration of sodium in blood and can leads to Coma, Confusion and unconsciousness.

Improve Respiration System

Latest researches believe that the air that involves inhalation of Pink Himalayan salt is has been recorded very beneficial for respiratory diseases such as bad conditions of Pulmonary tract, Asthma and other major issues related to the respiration. Use of Salt Inhaler and Neti pots clean the inhaling air and save patients from toxins and germs exist in Air.

Skin Care and Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink salt have a number of beneficial effects for various skin conditions.  It acts like a cozy layer in skin medicines used by dermatologists for red, dry itching effected skin. There are some important ingredients in Pink Salt that helps to rejuvenate and fresh the skin.

Lessen the risk of Heart attack

The proper and balance use of Pure Himalayan Pink Salt also promotes the heart health. Pink Salt acts like a regulator in human body and controls the blood pressure and also reduces other cardiovascular diseases.

Aid in Hydration.

Sodium, in Himalayan salt bulk is the best factor that helps to make and move fluid in body. It helps the body to achieve fluid balance and prevent it from de-hydration. That can cause serious problems in our body.

Strengthens Bones

Pink Himalayan Salt have traced elements of Calcium and magnesium that helps to strengthens our bones. It removes the chances of Osteoporosis. Calcium and magnesium are essential for bone formation and connective tissues.

Preservation of Food.

In ancient times, when there wasn’t any concept of refrigerators and other latest methods of preservation of food items, people used to preserve their food by using Salt. Pink Himalayan Salt provides a wide range of benefits due to its preservation qualities. All the packed items either in tin packs or tetra packs all technologies of preservation used Salt in one or another way.

Reduce Muscle cramps

Pink Himalayan Salt, reduces muscles cramps by providing an appropriate ratio of magnesium and potassium to our body.

Himalayan Salt and depression.

Himalayan Pink Salt is a reliever and relaxant. In this modern age every person is mentally sick and depressed. Himalayan Salt therapies are the best proven way to lessen depression and sooth to our nerves to live our life normally. Salt Caves and Salt rooms are the most known used therapies to have a peaceful atmosphere.

Detoxification of body

Pink Salt is a proven detoxifier. Salt helps to detoxify all harm and improper heavy metals from our body.  Drinking mineral rich Himalayan pink salt balances our Body pH and aids to our digestion by removing wastes and toxins from our body. 

Healthy sleep

In taking of Himalayan salt small quantity or having a bath of Luke water with Himalayan salt gives us a healthy sleep by blessing us fresh mind. Soaking feet in Himalayan salt solution also gives us relieve from the whole day boredom and tiredness.

Where to buy Pink Himalayan Salt wholesale.

Although Pink Himalayan Salt wholesale is a purely natural and organic product yet we should source it our through a very reliable and appropriate source. Friends Rock Salt have excellence in mining and well aware of all the international food standards of Himalayan Salt wholesale exports.  Anyone can rely on Friends rock salt for a premium grade Pure Himalayan Salt.