Healthy drink consultants in 2022 and market insights |Food Research Lab
Healthy drink consultants in 2022 and market insights |Food Research Lab
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Healthy drink consultants in 2022 and market insights |Food Research Lab

With so many drinks on shelves high in empty calories, finding healthy drinks high in vitamins and minerals can be challenging.

How big is the Healthy Drinks Market?

ü  North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World are the four regions that make up the global health drinks market. In 2019, Asia-Pacific dominated the worldwide health drinks industry, accounting for about 40% of the total market share.

ü  The market is growing because of an increase in health-conscious customers in developing countries in this region. India and China, for example, have seen substantial expansion in the retail sector, giving huge market prospects for firms looking to extend their consumer base in the region. Because of solid usage in nations like the United States and Canada, North America is the second-largest market for health drinks. North America has the fastest-growing market for health drinks in the world.

ü  Consumer demand for healthier diets is translating into more nutritional beverage innovation, with functional drinks and alcohol alternatives, as well as lower-alcohol wines, beers, and spirits, all on the rise. Consumers have become more concerned about added sugars and artificial sweeteners, which has led to a shift away from traditional soft drinks.

Food Research Lab is here to change the narrative. We have successfully formulated, developed, tested and launched healthy beverage products for food businesses worldwide. Our beverage product consultants are food technologists who have years of expertise in beverage product development. Some of our drink product range includes Kombucha, Nootropics, Green Tea, Energy Drinks, etc.

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