5 Healthy Snacks for your Road Trip
5 Healthy Snacks for your Road Trip
It's a lot of fun to plan a road vacation! Making a strategy for the routes you'll take, the sights you'll visit, and, of course, the SNACKS! Who doesn't like replenishing their snack supply?

 Of course, there are the usual snack suspects — chips, pop, and a giant bag of licorice – but the trouble is that you'll feel tired, bloated, and unhappy after consuming all that processed food. Nobody wants to start their vacation in such a way.

When it comes to eating healthily, wholesale snacks in Surrey, as I frequently say, are everything. Make a shopping list a few days before your trip and go shopping. Make your snacks the night before you leave. Make sure you have an ice pack or a waterproof bag for ice refills in your cooler.

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