HALAL Restaurant In MALTA
HALAL Restaurant In MALTA
The total Maltese population is around 443,000 out of which the Muslim community is under 2% of the total population. This makes finding halal places in Malta quite difficult.

Muslim Population in Malta

The total Maltese population is around 443,000 out of which the Muslim community is under 2% of the total population. This makes finding halal places in Malta quite difficult. We are one of the very few halal restaurant in Malta which is loved by the vast majority of other religions as well. Like the very few halal restaurant in Malta, the number of mosques in Malta are limited. There are only 5 mosques in Malta for the Muslim community to practice their religion.

Halal Restaurants in Malta

Sharma is one of the few halal food places in Malta that observe Muslim traditions. Our halal practice is not just limited to the kitchen but also in the restaurant setup. The alcohol and liquor bottles are stored secretly from the public eye, unlike the vast majority of halal places in Malta that display everything openly at the bar. Over the years the number of halal restaurants in Malta have risen up quite a lot but Sharma has been able to maintain its quality and taste over the past 10 years; making it the safest choice to dine-in in Malta.

Apart from a quality dine-in experience, one can count on Sharma to order halal food in Malta by using their website.

Halal Food in Malta

Halal is the Arabic word for ‘permissible’. Halal food is food that adheres to Islamic laws as stated in The Holy Quran (the Holy Book of Muslims). We are known for serving their customers with halal food in Malta, offering a wide array of cuisines. Sharma lovers can choose from Arabic, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. Our cuisines have their own specialties, prepared fresh every day making sure every bite is savored. The people of Malta absolutely love the Indian buffet by Sharma. It is completely in-house every Friday and Saturday and it is mostly houseful. We recommend making a reservation before your arrival to have the best halal food in Malta with a breathtaking view and exemplary service.

How To Order Halal Food in Malta?

To order halal food in Malta, one can head up to Sharma’s very own website You can also find Sharma at different applications like Wolt, Bolt, and Time to Eat Malta. Apart from ordering online, you can make a booking at your desired timeslot with the touch of your fingertips. Making a reservation or ordering online has never been fast and easy, but Sharma’s website makes it possible. Moreover, anyone can have Sharma’s goodness on the go by simply opting for a pickup while on their way back home after a long day at work.

Why Should You Choose Sharma?

You might be wondering what makes Sharma one of the best halal places in Malta, let me tell you why? To start off with, Sharma can accommodate up to 200 people at a time divided equally indoors and outdoors. The interior is vibrant with patterns throughout, fine-looking rugs, silver adornments, and pleasant warm lighting reflecting oriental traditions.

The outdoor seating arrangement is very refreshing. You can enjoy the view of Portomaso and feel the cold breeze feathering through your delightful skin while you have a fulfilling meal. On days when you want to look the best, you strike out your best outfit and can head up to Sharma. On the lazy days when you want to enjoy great food at the comfort of your home, we have got you covered as well.

You can use Sharma’s online delivery system; all you need to do is head up to the website and order online. Moreover, you can find Sharma on multiple platforms and can order food from there as well. On days when you are running late from work to home, you can pick up Sharma’s goodness on your way back. The pick-up process is very well laid out on the website as well, making it a hassle free experience. This is why we believe Sharma is one of the best halal food places in Malta.