Best Caribbean Cuisine food: Mofongo
Best Caribbean Cuisine food: Mofongo
Mofongo is a side dish and a great meal, especially if it is full of meat or seafood. It can be accompanied by a protein,

The dish itself was made in Puerto Rico. The Mofongo is made from fresh and healthy ingredients which include different kinds of garlic. Mashed and fried green plantains are added to the food to make it look more presentable and provide a unique flavor to the taste buds. To enhance the taste of this dish the pork is marinated with garlic-infused plantain and a taste that you will always remember. It helps to make the pork juicy and infuse it with rich flavors.

The beauty of it is that we can add much more pleasure to our meal by adding the side dishes. The side dishes can be fish broth or shrimps to blend in with the taste of pork and give a perfect combo for your meal. You can enjoy this meal in your bed or during lunch. The dish takes the formation of a small half dome and gives the perfect appearance. Satisfy your hunger with the rich and ripe meat and dip side dishes leisurely.

The texture of mofongo is similar to that of mashed potatoes with not too soft or not too thin consistency. It can be enjoyed if you have a good tooth for the sweet and savory taste.

There are many other dishes that can be observed under the term Caribbean food. This one is suggested for people with a sweet tooth and meat lovers to get the maximum satisfaction of their taste buds.

This dish is mostly found on Caribbean restaurants' menus and is made by professional chefs so you can enjoy the original recipe made from the original local and fresh ingredients from your local area. Try Mofongo and experience the best taste and diversity. Get a new taste and discover new foods of the Caribbean. This dish is sure to give you new surprises.