4 Reasons to Give Light Roast Coffee a Chance
4 Reasons to Give Light Roast Coffee a Chance
While lighter roast coffee is finally getting the recognition it deserves in the coffee industry, some misconceptions still exist. One myth is the darker the roast, the more caffeine. But this, and other myths, are simply inaccurate. If you’re searching for exceptional-tasting coffee, look for a small-batch third wave coffee roaster. You can even sign up for a coffee subscription online.

It’s time to reconsider your stance on the dark side. The next time you order coffee online, follow the light. Light roast coffee has a lot of benefits you might not be familiar with, making it much more than just a go-to morning brew.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to lighten up your cup of coffee:

Light Roast Draws Out Subtle Nuances

The coffee roasting process results in hundreds of chemical reactions. Some of these processes are good, like bringing out the sweetness, but others aren’t as beneficial. When you roast coffee very dark, the cell walls break down, allowing the aromatic oils to escape to the surface, explaining how dark roast coffee gets that oily shine. Once there, the flavorful droplets are left to defend themselves against air and humidity, which means saying goodbye to many naturally occurring subtle nuances in the coffee.

Light Roast Doesn’t Skimp on the Caffeine

It might surprise you that dark roast doesn’t contain more caffeine than light roast. The more pungent taste you experience has nothing to do with caffeine, making this classic myth one to add to the list of dark roast urban legends. The truth is, a light roast coffee can still give you the caffeine kick you crave.

Light Roast Doesn’t Mask the Tasting Notes

Light roasts preserve the unique natural characteristics of coffee. If the coffee is well-grown, processed, and roasted, it can produce an exciting variety of naturally occurring tasting notes, aromas, aftertastes, and beyond. For the best-tasting coffee roasts, look for a third wave coffee roaster. Small-batch artisanal coffee is much more likely to include lighter roasts. Dark roasts from a third wave roaster tend to compare more to a medium roast from other sources. This is likely due to skilled roasters knowing precisely how to hone the unique tasting notes of each coffee.

Light Roast Deserves a Chance in Your Cup

Light roasting is finally earning the attention it deserves in the specialty coffee industry for its ability to bring out more vibrant, unique tasting and roasting profiles. Light roasts highlight the naturally occurring characteristics of a coffee’s origin more than any other roast style. Now that you see the light regarding coffee, you’ll know what to look for in your coffee. Experience the difference that only a specialty, small-batch, artisanal third wave roaster provides.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the light, why not keep it coming? Signing up for a coffee subscription online will ensure you never run out of coffee. With coffee gift subscriptions, you can also gift your loved ones the magic of delicious light roast coffee this holiday season.

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